Kindergarten Newsletter, August 23

Welcome to the kindergarten newsletter!

This is where we’ll briefly recap any highlights from the week and tell you what’s coming up next!  We’ve given you enough information these past few days, so for today, just enjoy first day of school pictures by clicking HERE.

The pictures show us exploring kindergarten “center time”, which is where the kids rotate through different activities in a group of 3-4.  Some centers are “independent” and others are “teacher directed.”  We practiced cleaning up, rotating and went over expectations for each center. For our first day, it really went well!  Also included are first day of school pictures.  Enjoy!

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday for our first regular schedule day. It’s a C-day, so we will have gym and Spanish.  Don’t forget gym shoes and gym clothes (or athletic clothes if you don’t have)!

Mrs. Mahr and Mrs. Thomas