Kindergarten Newsletter, August 28

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, September 7: No School, Labor Day

What’s Due:

  • Please submit the Seesaw “get to know you” assignment.  Use the text code or QR code to login to Seesaw.  Please email your child’s teacher if you need help. Right now, we will post optional assignments on Seesaw.
  • Join our kindergarten Facebook group.

Important information:

  • Please make sure your student has an extra mask in his/her backpack; if a mask comes home in a ziploc bag, it means your child sneezed into it and we asked him/her to change masks.
  • Please make sure your child has extra clothes and underwear in his/her backpack for bathroom and meal-time accidents.
  • Continue to send waterbottles; no screwtops please.
  • Snacks have been great, thank you.  Talk to your child about how much he/she is able to eat. Snack is about 15 minutes. Labeling the snack or putting it in a separate zipper pocket from the lunch works out great, thank you.

Please use our newsletter to ask your child questions about his/her day!

This Week:

We are settling into our classroom routines.  Many routines are new for the kids as well as the teachers!  We are getting used to lots of handwashing, sanitizer, mask use, temp checks, wiping down supplies and desks, etc. We are so proud of the children.  About 5 hours of mask wearing a day and not ONE complaint. What a great group of students we have! They have adjusted so well and seem to be so happy to be around their peers–even if it is socially distanced!

Be sure to check out our August pictures!

Next Week:


  •  If your child comes home with a sticker, please talk to your child about how he/she showed kindness that day!  God asks only one thing of us–to love one another! Right now we are learning about how cardinals are “respectful, responsible and compassionate.”  We are focusing that big long word COMPASSIONATE right now.
  • We will begin to explore our religion series beginning with “I am special.”  We will learn a new song that starts like this: “I am special, I am special, if you look, you will see…”  Ask your child to sing it to you next week! God made each and every one of us special.  There is no one in the world that is just like YOU!


  • We will continue to learn about how we can stay healthy and get rid of germs.


  • Finding Shapes in Environment and Describe Positions (above, below, beside, etc)
  • Identify 2-D Shapes (different orientations/sizes)
  • Patterning – AB
  • Counting to 20.
  • Number writing practice using the poems.  We have introduced poems for numbers 0-10 and next week we will continue to focus on correction formation for 0, 1, 2, 3; correct formation means starting the numbers at the top and using the lines.  Click this link to practice number formation at home: number+formation+reference+sheet 7
  • Ten frame work: we are using ten frames to quickly identify numbers 1-10, 1 more and 1 less of each number.  We are working with a single ten frame right now.  You can practice at home by printing the following and showing your child a number using small manipulatives:

Terrific Ten Frame | Swoop into Kindergarten

  • Tally marks: we are practicing making “bundles of 5” and “groups of ten”.  At home: Ask your child to show you tally marks for numbers less than 10.
  • Greater than less than: we will begin to use the following symbols  >. <, = to compare numbers.

Language Arts:

Jolly Phonics:  We will wrap up group 1 letters and sounds: S, A,T, I, P, N; We will begin group two sounds with c, k, e, h, r. At home: please practice these sounds and actions at home. You will receive a letter about our Jolly Phonics program as well as a list of all the sounds and actions on MONDAY with your student’s first Jolly practice journal.

What is Jolly Phonics? — Jolly Phonics at Home

Sight words:  I, THE, A are the words we are currently learning to read and write.   Look for them in books at home! Next week we will introduce WE & WILL. At home: Please keep the word wall that we will send home on MONDAY in a safe place and practice the words using the activities listed. Click this link to access a PDF of our first trimester words:sight word flash cards 1st trimester. You can print two copies on cardstock and play memory or use as flash cards.

Michael Heggerty Phonemic Awareness: we will begin phonemic awareness exercises. Phonemic awareness is basically phonics, but done orally instead of written.  Right now, our focus is on beginning sounds, rhyming,