Kindergarten Newsletter, August 30

In the newsletter, I try to give you “talking points,” things to ask your child about.  Please use these to find out more about kindergarten!

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

This Week:

  • It’s always so fun to see the children looking more and more like kindergartners each day.  They’re understanding the kindergarten rules and expectations more and more and this is helping our classroom run smoothly and most importantly be a happy and safe place for all!
  • We had our first fire drill and bus evacuation drill this week.  Both went well!
  • Check out our pictures from the week by clicking HERE!

What’s due/reminders:

  • Chess club at SC: $130; Click the link to sign up!
  • Goals: view our Kindergarten goals for the year.
  • Class contacts: I will be sending home a list with student names and addresses for birthdays and playdates.  Again, if you do NOT want any of this information shared, please email me.  If you already e-mailed, I have you taken care of and no need to email again.
  • White envelopes: If your child is the “oldest or only” child at St. Cletus School, he/she will come home with a big white envelope containing important school information.  Please remove everything and return the empty envelope the next day!
  • Milk: We do not have a lot of kids ordering milk this year which is fine, but just in case you missed it, you can till order by sending Mrs. Scalzitti, our secretary in the office an email at; let her know your choice of white or chocolate.  It is $14 for the school year. We prefer no screw top drinks, even if your child has this mastered at home, in the classroom setting, we tend to see a lot of spills from these drinks.  Thank you.
  • Kindergarten Daisies: Please reach out to Virginia Noga, if interested in leading Daisies.  A lot of guidance is given.  This is always something the girls look forward to in kindergarten, please consider! A note was sent home this week.
  • Birthdays: Please e-mail me , if you’d like to send in a treat for your child’s birthday (the week before).  We love to celebrate birthdays!
  • Napkins: Please include a napkin in your child’s lunch.
  • Social Media: Don’t forget to follow St. Cletus School on Instagram and Facebook.  Kindergartners often pop up on those pages!
  • Cabin page; click HERE for example.
  • Hot lunch ordering:Please make sure your child will eat what you order so we don’t end up with wasted food and hungry children!  We are “lunch B” when placing your order.

Next Week:

  • Please note that pick-up for aftercare and for children who are dismissed on the church side at 3:00 changes during Fall Fest set up.  Please refer to the e-mail sent from the office.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility!
  • Our first few weeks are all about establishing our routines and expectations. We will continue work hard on this next week along with…


  • We have started Group 1 in our Jolly Phonics program.   We have gone over sounds S, A & T. We will complete group 1 next week- (S, A, T) I, P, N.  You will receive a hard copy note about this program next week. What can you do at home?  Review the sounds and actions (flash cards are fine), give your child a word like “snake” and have your child isolate the beginning sound /s/ and give the action, etc.
  • Word wall words:  I will send a note home next week about word wall words. The word wall in our classroom contains “high frequency words”, which are some of the most commonly used words in text, many of them being “sight words” that cannot be sounded out phonetically, but rather must be memorized to sight.  The first two words on our word wall are “go” and “the”.  We will practice reading and writing these words in many different ways during centers.  What can you do at home?  Start to have your child point out these words in books.  Write your child a note and try to incorporate these words.


“I am special to my family”.  Last week, we learned a new song. At home: Ask your child to sing it to you.  Hint: “I am special…”.  We learned all about how each one of us is special and there’s no one in the world just like us! Next week we will learn about Jesus’ family.  We call them the “holy family.”  We feel God’s love through our families.  We will talk about ways we feel God’s love through our families. Each Friday in kindergarten, we will make a “church visit”, 5-10 minutes with just our kindergarten class.  This will be some quiet time with God.   We will visit the Holy Family statue in our church.  Ask your child to show it to you at Mass on Sunday, or stop in for a visit after school one day!


  • Patterning and sorting
  • Graphing
  • Counting by 1s to 20.
  • Writing numbers to 5.
  • Identifying 2D shapes

As always, if you have any questions, please ask.

Enjoy the long weekend!