Kindergarten Newsletter, December 13

Dear Kindergarten Families,

We had a busy week with our gingerbread unit and practicing for our upcoming Mass.  Please click HERE to see some of our gingerbread centers in action and ask your child about some of the centers he/she visited this week.

During this Holy Season, your child has been doing kind deeds at home as a way to get ready for Christmas.  With each kind deed done at home or at school, we see your child’s ’light’ shining through! In school, we’ve been learning about how Christmas is a birthday celebration for Jesus and these kind deeds are our presents for Him.  The theme of the Mass the 8th grade and kindergartners have been planning is “Angels Among Us”. We hope you can join us for this celebration on Friday, December 20th and 9:30. All families are invited to attend! The kindergarten Christmas song performance will be at the end of Mass. Below is some additional information:

  • Please be sure your child wears church appropriate “dress-up” clothes (NO gym clothes). 
  • The first five pews on the HOLY FAMILY side of the church will be reserved for kindergarten families. Facing the altar, that would be the pews on the far right. At the end of Mass, an announcement will be made asking you to move on over to the center aisle pews so you can have a better view of the performance.  Please make sure your belongings are gathered and you are ready to move!

 During these last few weeks of the Advent Season, please continue to encourage your entire family to look for ways to share kindness with others as a reminder that Jesus is the true reason for the season.  Helping your child share kindness with others is what our Catholic faith teaches us to do!  It is so nice to be teaching in a school where we can really focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  We hope at our Mass on Friday,  the children are able to be a reminder to all of us that Jesus’ birthday is what Christmas is all about!

We look forward to seeing you all at 9:30 Mass on Friday, December 20th!

Mrs. Mahr and Mrs. Thomas