Kindergarten Newsletter, December 14

Mark your calendars:

  • Monday, December 17: Hot lunch, 4 piece chicken tenders
  • Wednesday, December 19: Salad
  • Thursday, December 20th: School Mass, 9am followed by kindergarten song performance.  Please plan on joining us!
  • Friday, December 21st: Early dismissal, 1pm.  Merry Christmas!

What’s Due:

Kindergarten families are asked to bring in $1 and peanut butter and/or jelly for the food basket donations.  Again, for returning families, this is a little different from previous years.  Rather than each family bringing in something different, we are ALL being asked to bring in one or both of those items.  Thank you!

This Week:

  • We went to Mass on Wednesday with our 8th grade buddies.
  • On Thursday we saw the 1st-4th Christmas performance.
  • We enjoyed comparing and contrasting many different versions of the gingerbread story. We will wrap up our gingerbread unit next week. Click HERE to see some of our kindergarten fun this week!

Next Week:

Please plan on joining us on Thursday, December 20th for our Mass and song performance.  The kindergartners and 8th graders have been working hard to prepare for this Mass.  Kindergartners should wear church appropriate Christmas attire. Please note the following regarding seating:

  • Mrs. Bentley’s families, please sit in the first 5 pews that will be reserved for you on the TABERNACLE SIDE of the church.
  • Mrs. Mahr’s families, please sit in the first 5 pews that will be reserved for you on the HOLY FAMILY side of the church.

Immediately after Mass, an announcement will be made for kindergarten families to move over to the center pews directly to your left or right.  After the final song is sung, please gather your belongings and be prepared to move.  You will get a better view of your child singing from the center!

Mr. B, our art teacher will be taking nice quality photographs of the children during the entire Mass.  These pictures will be shared with you at some point during Christmas break. Please enjoy the moment!


  • Journaling: There’s so much to write about this time of year!  We are looking for one sentence, finger spaces, correctly spelling word wall words and generating own topic.
  • Word wall words:  we will continue to focus on number words next week.
  • CVC words:  Hearing the beginning middle and end sounds in consonant/vowel/consonant words.  We will write the sounds we hear.
  • Reading strategies:  We will practice using our reading strategies in small groups: Get your mouth ready, dig deeper into the word, look for chunks, what makes sense?
  • “I wonder” questions: good readers are always asking themselves questions.  Be sure to MODEL this for your child at home while reading.  For example, “I wonder if the gingerbread cookie will get eaten in this story?”


  • Counting by 1s and 10s.
  • We will begin counting by 5s next week.
  • Christmas patterns.
  • Recognizing numbers from 1-50. How many tens in the number 54? How many ones? We will be looking to think in terms of groups of ten. We have 8, how many more until we get to ten? Can you count on from 10?
  • Graphing: We are always graphing in kindergarten!  It really helps us to understand numbers and the questions, “how many more/how many less”.  Be sure to ask your child questions about any graphs he/she comes home with.  Next week we will graph the question: “Which gingerbread story do you like the best?”


  • STREAM is our focus this school year. It stands for, science, technology, religion, art and math. We use many classroom objects to get our students thinking and working together to create and learn! We encourage them to think and use their imaginations for many projects. Ask your child about some of the things he or she has created with the team! Next week the children will take part in a gingerbread STEAM project.


  • Our students have shown many ways to be kind as we fill Jesus’ crib to make it soft on His birthday! Encourage your child to find ways to be helpful to others! We will share these kind deeds with one another one more week.  On Monday we will visit the Advent wreath in church and will see three candles lit!