Kindergarten Newsletter, December 3

Upcoming Events/Mark your Calendars:

  • Tuesday, December 7: 8 am Mass
  • Wednesday, December 8: 8am Mass: we will honor Mary and the Immaculate Conception
  • Thursday, December 9-10: Christmas Shop: watch for information from the office

This Week:

We kicked off our gingerbread unit this week! The disguised gingerbread cookies are looking great! Be sure to turn them in next week if you haven’t already!  We will send pictures of what they look like when they’re done. This week was also the start of of Advent in our church.  We’ve discussed how Advent is a time of preparation.  The color purple that we see so much of in our church at this time of the year is reminder that we are waiting.  We are waiting for Jesus!  We are busy getting ready for His arrival by performing acts of kindness.

Next Week:

We will wrap up our gingerbread man unit with a gingerbread man hunt!  It will be another busy week of Christmas in kindergarten!

Language Arts:

  • Journaling: This is such a FUN time when all the Jolly Phonics and phonemic awareness skills the children have been working so hard on these past few months  are put to use during journal writing time. Here’s what we are looking for in journals:  1+ sentences, finger spaces in between words, use of lower case letters, correct spelling of word wall words, writing the sounds heard in non word wall words, generating own topics…phew!  That’s a lot! The kids are doing great.  Their confidence will grow with daily writing practice.
  • Jolly Phonics and phonemic awarness: Writing consonant/vowel/consonant words (cvc), hearing and isolating beginning, middle and end sounds in words, clapping out syllables, replacing initial sounds with a new sounds to make a new word, rhyming words, word families.
  • High Frequency words: Our focus words are play, am & number words one through ten. A new December word wall was sent home on Friday. These are the words your child should be looking for when reading!
  • Poetry journals: we will illustrate our newest gingerbread chant.
  • Gingerbread stories:  We are doing text to text comparisons, discussing the similarities and differences in characters, setting, problems and solutions. We will use graphic organizers to keep track of this information.

Math: We will continue with Chapter 5 in Go Math which focuses on:

  • Counting to 50 by ones
  • Counting to 100 by 10s
  • Counting to 100 by 5s: practice this at home!
  •  Counting forward from a given number (except 1)
  •  Right now, we are representing addition to 5 with fingers, drawings, etc. Our goal is to “fluently add within 5”–these math facts should become very automatic with lots of practice! Our end goal is “adding within ten”. Find ways to use addition skills at home.  For example: “Put these 3 forks on the table.  I’ll put the other 2 on the table.  Your 3 forks + my 2 forks = how many altogether? 5!”Model showing that number sentence on your fingers.  Children are ENCOURAGED to use fingers as a way to become fluent with math facts!
  • Graphing and answering the questions: “how many more?” “how many less?”


  • We will continue to practice the songs and poems we will be sharing with all of you at the Advent Mass on December 22nd.
  • Each Monday during Advent we will add a new light to our Advent wreaths. Each Friday, we will make a church visit to spend some quiet time with God and see the new candle lit in our church.
  • We will continue to gather around the crib and share kind deeds.  Please keep encouraging your child to find ways to share kindness at home.
  • Our school wide kindness project revolves around the Jesse Tree.  The chilren have been introduced to the Jesse Tree as a way to show the many people in Jesus’ family.  These people go back many, many, many years ago. All of these people served an important role in bringing Jesus to our world.  Now it is OUR job to prepare for Jesus’ arrival on Christmas day by doing acts of kindness. Each time St. Cletus students are caught doing something kind, they are being asked to put their names on an ornament and we are adding those ornaments to the Jesse.  Preparing for Jesus’ birth continues!

Science/STEM: We have to get the gingerbread cookie across the river!  How will we do that!?  Let’s put our engineer hats on and come up with a plan!