Kindergarten Newsletter, December 4

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Sunday, December 6th: St. Nick’s Drive-by, 2:30-3:30; please refer to the flyer that was sent home on Wednesday.  Hope to see you there!
  • Holiday Treasures shopping:

What’s Due:

If you are able to, please send in $5 by December 10th for the purchase of grocery cards for each family in the giving tree program.  Thanks to all that have donated.

This Week:

Our gingerbread unit is off to a great start!  The kids loved decorating their own gingerbread boys and girls.  Glue was out and sequins and stickers were flyin’ all over on this Fun Friday! 🙂

Next Week:

Language Arts: We started our two week long gingerbread unit this week!  The gingerbread unit is very kindergarten appropriate because it allows us to hit so many skills and it’s just so much FUN!  We have started to read the different versions of the story including Gingerbread boy, Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Girl and will continue reading next week others including Gingerbread friends, Gingerbread baby and more.

We will continue to do 30 minutes of iReady-reading each week.

  • Text to text comparisons of the Gingerbread stories.
  • Characters, setting, problem, solution in each Gingerbread story.
  • CVC word segmenting and blending.
  • Sight words:  We will be working on number words one-ten and reinforcing am, play, by, for, dear, can, are, love for the rest of December.
  • Daily Journaling: we will continue to write in our journals daily.  Expectations are at least one sentence, correct spelling of sight words, independent sounding out of all other words and a detailed picture.
  • Jolly Phonics: review 42 sounds and practice writing words using that letter/sound knowledge.


Graphing next week will be TASTY!  Ask your child what this means!

We have started chapter 4 in our Go Math workbooks. We will continue to do 30 minutes of iReady each week.

  • Counting to 100 by ones
  • Counting to 100 by 10’s and 5’s
  •  Writing & Representing to 30
  • 1 to1 Counting to 40
  • Represent Addition up to 10 with fingers, drawings, sounds
  • Decompose numbers up to 10 in more than one way (5=2+3 and 5=4+1)
  • Compose and decompose numbers 11-19 by drawings & equations
  •  Count forward from a given number (except 1)
  • Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To (to 20)
  • Compare two numbers up to 10


  • Each day we will continue to gather around the crib and share our kind deeds with the class.  Advent is a time of preparation.  We are preparing our hearts for Jesus’ birthday.  The best gifts we can give baby Jesus for His birthday are gifts of kindness!