Kindergarten Newsletter, December 6

Upcoming Events/Mark your calendars

  • Monday, December 9: Hot Lunch, Pisa Pizza
  • Tuesday, December 10: Dining 4 Dollars at the McDonald’s on La Grange  Road (5701)
  • Wednesday, December 11: Hot Lunch, PF Chang’s
  • Thursday, December 12: School Mass, 9:30
  • Friday, December 13: Hot Lunch, Boston Market

Looking Ahead:

  • Friday, December 20: Please plan on joining us for 9:30 Mass led by the kindergarten and 8th grade, followed by the kindergarten and junior kindergarten song performance.  Children should wear Christmas/church appropriate attire.  The children will NOT attend gym class this day and therefore should NOT wear gym clothes.

This Week:

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our classrooom!  These next two weeks are going to fly by! Please be sure to watch for an email from the room parents about our classroom Christmas party on December 20th! We are having a birthday party for Baby Jesus!

The giving tree program is well on its way here at St. Cletus Parish. Kindergarten is asked to bring in peanut butter and/or jelly along with $1 for needy families.  Please click on the link below to learn more.  Items are due to our classroom by December 20th.

Next Week:

  • Next week is gingerbread week in kindergarten!  We will explore many different versions including Gingerbread Man, Gingerbread Boy, Gingerbread Friends, Gingerbread Baby, Gingerbread Girl…and more!
  • We will be practicing in church for our upcoming Mass and song presentation.

Language Arts:

  • Sight words: we will introduce numbers words, one-ten.  An updated word wall will be sent home on Monday.
  • Gingerbread stories at the listening center and read alouds.
  • We will create a venn diagram comparing two of the gingerbread stories.
  • We will create a “character list” in order to keep track of the different characters in each story.
  • We will illustrate the gingerbread chant for our poetry/song journals.
  • First AND last name writing.  Children will be expected to write both first and last names on work.
  • Write the room: gingerbread sight words and gingerbread characters.
  • Journaling and shared writing: Our daily writing block time has been going very well! The children spend time journaling (drawing a picture and writing at least one sentence about that picture) and participating in a shared writing activity DAILY.  During shared writing ,they are “sharing the pen” with the teacher, helping to fill in missing word wall words and stretching out other words. At home:  do not answer the question “how do you spell ____?”  Instead, answer with “write the sounds you hear!”  Remember, correct spelling will come later.  We want the children to practice their Jolly Phonics skills and we want to build CONFIDENT writers.


  • We will continue to practice counting by 1s to 50, by 10s to 100 and we have started to practice counting by FIVES to 100.  Please practice this at home, in the car!
  • Decomposing 5: finding different combinations to make the number five.
  • Understanding + as adding on and – as taking away.
  • We will graph our favorite gingerbread stories.
  • We will play a gingerbread baby board game


  • During our church visit on Friday, we visited the St. Cletus Advent candles. Next week, we will “light” the second purple candle on our individual Advent wreaths.
  • We will practice songs for our upcoming presentation.
  • “Now is Advent, Advent is here!  When Advent is over, Christmas is here!” Ask your child to recite this pocket chart poem to you. Ask your child what his/her job is during Advent (to get our hearts ready for Jesus’ birthday on Christmas day). We are SO lucky that WE get presents on Jesus’ birthday.  Our presents to Him are our gifts of kindness.  When children are caught doing something kind at school, they are given an “angels among us” sticker.  Please encourage your child to do 1 kind deed each night at home EVERY night during Advent.  We will be gathering around the crib daily to share these kind deeds. With each kind deed, a new piece of straw is added to our classroom crib and by Christmas day, we will have a nice soft bed for baby Jesus. Talk to your child about the kind deeds he/she has been sharing.  They’ve come up with some great ones!
  • We will learn more about the Christmas story leading up to Jesus’ birth.


STEM project: We will engineer different ways to get the gingerbread boy across the “river”.  We will draw out our design plans, test our creation and adapt as needed!