Kindergarten Newsletter, December 7

Mark your calendars:

  • Monday, December 10: Hot Lunch, hamburgers
  • Tuesday, December 11-13: Christmas Shoppe, see “what’s due” section for more info.
  • Wednesday, December 12: Hot Lunch, mostaccioli
  • Wednesday, December 12: Mass, 9am
  • Thursday, December 13: Christmas Program
  • Thursday, December 20: Kindergarten and 8th grade Mass and song presentation

What’s due:

  • Scholastic book orders; feel free to place an online scholastic book order.  Classroom code is: H2NGF.  Help us earn points so we can buy new books for our classrooms!
  • We will browse the holiday shoppe on Tuesday, December 11th in the morning.  See the flyer on the PARENT PAGE for more info and click HERE to shop. A portion of portion of any purchases made go to St. Cletus, but there is no obligation to buy anything.  Any child that will be purchasing will do so on Wednesday, December 12.
  • Food basket items:  for returning families, the food baskets are different this year to keep with the changes in our food pantry distribution.  This year, rather than each family getting a different item, they are asking for ALL kindergarten students to bring in peanut butter AND/OR jelly along with $1.00.  A note went home about this on Thursday.

This Week:

We visited the Advent candles during our church visit this week.  Make it your Advent promise to go to church with your family! Let your child show you the Advent wreath and candles.  There’s also two red wreaths at the front of church.  Ask your child to read the words on the wreath and tell you what that means.

On Wednesday we dressed up in red, white and blue to honor former President George Bush.  We had a nice discussion.

We have started to practice for the upcoming Mass on Thursday, December 20th.  We will be busy practicing new songs and poems for our Mass.  The children are excited to present them to you.  Please plan on coming! Children should plan on wearing Christmas church appropriate attire.

Literacy:  We will be busy next week exploring different versions of the gingerbread story; we will compare and contrast using different organizers, we will make our own gingerbread man at the art center and with playdough and much much more!

  • Journaling:  The children are becoming wonderful writers. They practice their skills during journal time each day. At this point in the year we expect 1 sentence, correctly spelled word wall words and look for children to sound out any unfamiliar words.  This is not easy!  They’re doing a great job.
  • Word wall words: number words-  we introduced NUMBER WORDS this past week.  Number words one-ten were added to the word wall. We will continue to practice reading and writing these words. At home: review current word wall with the sight word activities we’ve listed.
  • Listening center: Christmas stories
  • Stretching out consonant vowel consonant words; segmenting (breaking words down into individual sounds) and blending.


  • Counting to 40 (or beyond)!
  • Counting by 10s to 100. At home: practicing counting by 1s and 10s!
  • Graphing: at home: when your child brings home a graph, be sure to ask questions like, “which has the most/least” and the trickier question: “how many more/less?”
  • Beginning addition: We’re starting to use a five frame to practice addition up to 5.
  • Comparing numbers to determine <>=
  • Counting a group of objects to answer “how many?” Count the room: Christmas edition!
  • Christmas patterning

Religion: Now is Advent, Advent is here.  When Advent is over, Christmas is here! We celebrated the start of Advent in our church this week in kindergarten.  Each child made an Advent wreath so we too can “light” our candles at school.  As mentioned in our last letter, we are asking YOU to help your child find small acts of kindness each day leading up to Christmas.  We are so lucky that WE get presents on Jesus’ birthday!  Let’s be sure to also give Jesus presents, which are our acts of kindness.  Each day we will gather around a crib in our classrooms and put a piece of straw in the crib for each kind deed that is done.  By Christmas, we will have a nice soft bed for Jesus! Please help your child find kind deeds to do at home.