Kindergarten Newsletter, February 15

Mark your calendars:

  • Monday, February 18th: President’s Day, No School
  • Tuesday, February 19th: Creating Independence FLYER: 6-7pm in Parish Center; great for parents of kids Pre/K-3!
  • Wednesday, February 20th: Hot Lunch, chicken tenders
  • Thursday, February 21st: Wizard of Oz (Spring Play) $1 themed dress down day; wear rainbow or tie dye shirts!

What’s Due:

  • Scholastic Book Club online orders:  Feel free to submit online orders using first time classroom activation code: H2NGF
  • Simple Solutions Summer ordering: Simple Solutions is a math program the children will begin to use in first grade, 4-5x a week.  For the summer, consider purchasing the workbook for some rainy day practice and review.  We will send you many other hands on learning ideas as summer approaches.  Simple Solutions is another great option. Click HERE.

Looking Ahead:

Spring Auction is March 30th!  Hope to see you there!

This Week:

Happy Valentine’s Day!  The children enjoyed Valentine’s themed centers all week.  Be sure to check out the pictures page. Thanks to all that helped plan and run our classroom parties!

Next Week:

The past two weeks have been busy with celebrations-our 100th day and Valentine’s Day.  Next week is a “quiet week”, still filled with lots of kindergarten fun and learning.


  • Journaling:  Writing 2+ sentences; focusing on adding details in our writing using ‘because’ or writing additional sentences.  If someone was to pick up your journal, what questions might he/she ask?  We will do this with a partner. This will help us to be more detailed in our writing.
  • Sight Words: January and February words. We will practice reading and writing during centers.  Click HERE!
  • Guided reading groups: small group reading and we will practice appropriate skills.


  • Subtraction: we will introduce subtraction as “taking away.”  We will talk about  the minus sign and what that means.  We will use “counting down” to help us subtract.  At home: practice counting down from 10!  If your child masters this, try from 15, then from 20!
  • 3d Shapes: we will introduce 3D shapes: cube, cone, cylinder and sphere. At home: look for examples of these shapes all around!


We will wrap up our unit on senses by exploring our sense of HEARING.  We will go on a “sound walk” and will test our hearing by listening to different sounds and drawing and labeling what we think we hear.