Kindergarten Newsletter, February 22

Mark your calendars:

  • Monday, February 25: Hot lunch, cheeseburger or hamburger
  • Tuesday, February 26: Student council sponsored “BLUE” $1 dress down day to support Misericordia.
  • Wednesday, February 27: School Mass, 9am and Hot lunch, chopped salad

This Week:

It was a productive and fun learning week in kindergarten! We ended the week with Fun Friday game centers in the afternoon.  We played Kindergarten Jeopardy, Left Center Right, Uno, Mancala and Connect 4.  What games do you play at home?  Games are wonderful for promoting good sportsmanship–how to win AND lose, math skills and critical thinking. Check out our pictures to see some of the fun we had Fun Friday afternoon.

Next Week:

We will be all about Dr. Seuss next week.  His birthday is March 2nd!


Dr. Seuss author study: His books are PERFECT for our beginning readers. Beginning readers need books with rhythm, rhyme and repetition….all of which are in Seuss books!  These “three R’s” help readers become more CONFIDENT.  Read Dr. Seuss books with your child…you will see that face light up with delight! Dr. Seuss books are especially great if you see some hesitancy in your beginning reader.  AT HOME: Below are a list of Dr. Seuss “must reads” for this age.  These are all books that your child can read or take turns reading with you.  As you’re reading, ask your child to point out word wall words.  Say a word and ask your child to give you the word on that page that rhymes.  And of course…just have FUN reading!

 Green Eggs and Ham, Cat in the Hat, Wacky Wednesday, Hop on Pop, Ten Apples up on Top, The Foot Book, Mr. Brown can Moo! Can you? One Fish Two Fish…

Next week we will be doing all kinds of fun literacy activities that help us celebrate Dr. Seuss!


  • Addition/Subtraction: We are writing these number sentences vertically and horizontally. To make math a real life daily skill, make up number stories.  At home: “I have 3 cookies, you can have one, now how many do I have left?” Ask your child to write this in a number sentence form.
  • 3d shapes: cube, cone, cylinder, sphere: we will continue to look for these shapes all around us!
  • Making ten: How many more to make 10?  We will write out different ways to make ten like this.  10=  __ + __
  • Graphing: Which Dr. Seuss book is your favorite?
  • Graphing: After reading Dr. Seuss’ WHAT PET SHOULD I GET?  We will graph which pet we would get!


We will begin our Bible story study. Jesus reveals Himself to us through these stories. The Bible is God’s storybook! We will begin with the story of the Good Samaritan. How can we be more like Jesus?  The stickers on the mittens shown in the picture at the top of our newsletter show that we are doing a great job!