Kindergarten Newsletter, January 22

Upcoming Events/Mark your calendars:

  • Thursday, January 28th: 100th Day Celebration in Kindergarten

What’s Due?

  • Friday, January 29th: Please submit photos of your St. Cletus student (and or family) at a USA landmark or USA identifiable locations. E-mail photos to Mr. Frank Ochoa  by 1/29: No late entries can be accepted.

This Week:

We had a busy week exploring all kinds of snow stories! It felt GREAT to get back in the classroom and the kids certainly seemed to enjoy it too. 🙂

100th Day Celebration: Next week we will celebrate 100 DAYS in Kindergarten! All year long we have learned and practiced counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.  Next week on Thursday, January 28th, we will celebrate the fact that our daily count has reached ONE HUNDRED!  Our celebration will include 100th day centers, books and a special 100th day snack.  This snack will be a cookie treat that the children will have to make into a 100 before they eat.  The treat is packaged.  Please let your child’s teacher know if you don’t want your kindergartener to have this.

Valentine’s Day Celebration: Please watch for the sign-up genius and thanks to those that have already signed up!

Next Week:

Math: Chapter 5 in Go Math is all about:

  • Counting to 100 by ones.
  • Counting to 100 by 5s and 10s.
  • Counting to 20 by 2s.
  • Represent Addition up to 10 with fingers, drawings, sounds.
  • Decompose numbers up to 10 in more than one way (5=2+3 and 5=4+1)
  • Reviewing +, = and addition vocabulary.

Language Arts:

  • Guided reading groups: we will dive into word work practice: CVC words, words with beginning blends (sl, st, pl, etc.) and nonsense words. It’s such a fun time of the year when our Jolly Phonics, phonemic awareness and sight word knowledge all comes together in the form of….READING!
  • Phonemic Awareness: cvc words, segmenting and blending, rhyming, word families, replacing the initial sound with a new sound.
  • We have been busy reading snowman books; we will create our own snowman and then write about our creations.

Sight words:  Our newest words are SAID, HE, SHE.  We will introduce FROM, WITH, DAY by the end of January. New word walls will come home next week.


  • Kindness project:  Our latest kindness project is off to a great start!  Take a look at the picture at the top of our newsletter.  “God’s love keeps us warm”.  As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, we will talk about how we feel God’s love through our family and friends.  It is our job to look for opportunities to share our love with others.  Each time a child is caught doing something kind, he/she puts a heart sticker on his/her mitten.  The children are encouraged to “tell on eachother” for doing kind things!
  • We will be getting ready for Catholic School’s Week when we celebrate our school with some special projects.  We will also learn a new song about our Catholic school!
  • We will begin to explore Bible stories that incorporate a unique scientific twist!