Kindergarten Newsletter, January 7

Upcoming Events:

  • Get hot lunch orders in if you choose!

This Week:

Thank you for joining us at the Advent Mass in December!  If you haven’t already, be sure sure to check out the pictures and video:

We celebrated the Epiphany on Thursday, January 6, revisiting the Christmas story in the bible and remembering when the wisemen visited Jesus with expensive gifts.  We love retelling the Christmas story and remembering Jesus’ birthday! We talked about Jesus’ arrival in the nativity scenes around our school campus.

Our first few days back were busy!  The New Year means lots of new things in our classrooms–including  new table spots, new crayons, new expectations! We transitioned very nicely back into our classroom routines.

Next Week:

Language Arts:

  • High Frequency words: with, went, for, review number words one-ten, begin to recognize days of the week and months of the year.  January word wall words: word wall list-DecemberJanuary
  • New Pocket chart poem:  “A chubby little snowman, had a carrot nose, along came a rabbit…” Ask your child to recite it for you!
  • Guided reading: children will practice books at their reading level and we will focus on our reading strategies:  “get your mouth ready” “dig a little deeper into the word” “look for chunks” “skip the word” “what makes sense?”
  • Word work: we are working hard on reading and writing CVC words and listening for the beginning, middle and end sounds. We will practice on ipads, with magnetic letters, on whiteboards and more!
  • Journaling: daily journaling will continue; the children are now working on ‘generating their own topics’ which is a skill in itself!  Help your child see all their is to write about. We try to help the children understand that even the smallest things are worth writing about.  Are you tired?  Write about it! Did you really like your snack?  Write about it!  When you’re with your child use the phrase, “that would be a great thing to write about in your journal!”
  • Our read alouds next week will be all about SNOW! We will make text to text and text to self connections. We will discuss characters, settings, problems and solutions. We will practice retelling the stories.
  • Last name practice:  New requirement for the new year!  The children will be writing first and last names from now on.  We will practice during centers!  Just like our first names, last names also get only one capital letter!


We will continue chapter 5 which focuses on addition; during centers, we will use different manipulatives to practice addition–dice, dominos, counters.  We will be busy adding!

  • Counting to 60 by ones
  • Counting to 100 by 10s
  • Counting to 100 by 5s
  • We will introduce skip counting by 2s!
  • Counting forward from a given number (except 1)
  • Represent Addition up to 10 with fingers, drawings, sounds
  • Chapter 6 Represent Subtraction up to 5 with fingers, drawings, sounds
  • Compose and decompose numbers 11-19 by drawing

Religion/Science: We will begin a 2 week long unit on our senses!  We will explore seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. God gives us our senses so we can learn more about His world. Our senses also help keep us safe!