Kindergarten Newsletter, March 15

Upcoming Events/Mark your calendars:

  • Monday, March 18: Hot Lunch, breaded or grilled chicken
  • Tuesday, March 19: School Mass, 9am
  • Wednesday, March 20: Hot Lunch, chicken tenders; dining for dollars at Portillo’s, be sure to bring the WILLOWBROOK FLYER or the SUMMIT FLYER. Thanks for supporting SC!
  • Thursday, March 21: Bring in a box of pasta, mac and cheese or sauce for the food pantry.  See the RELIGION section below.
  • Saturday, March 30th: St. Cletus Auction: buy your tickets today!

A sneak peek at our kindergarten auction item donations:

We can’t wait to find out which lucky kindergarten families get to take these home!

What’s Due:

  • Permission slip for our April field trip to the La Grange library is due!  Be sure to turn in the slip along with $5.  Chaperones will be notified.
  • A permission slip for our “Mother’s Day Tea” in May went home on Friday.  We hope you can join us!  We work very hard to make it a special time for you and your kindergartner(s). We hope you can make it!

This Week:

  • A leprechaun caused all kinds of mischief in our classrooms this past week.  His name is Mickey Finn.  As part of STEM, we built traps to see if we can catch him this weekend.  We will keep you posted!
  • The children enjoyed seeing the junior high production of The Wizard of Oz on Thursday!
  • The children also enjoyed a dental presentation on Thursday.  They learned different ways to take care of their teeth!
  • Check out some MARCH PICS!

Next Week:

We are excited to welcome the first day of spring and hopefully warmer weather.  We CAN’T WAIT to get outside more!


  • Journaling: We are writing 2+ sentences in our journals which gives us a chance to share more information! Reading and writing work together and we are seeing some great readers developing too!
  • Sight Words: keep practicing our February and March words!
  • Spring stories: we will get ready and celebrate the first day of spring with spring read alouds and listening center books.
  • We will add a new poem to our journals. Ask your child if he/she can recite it to you!  It will start with, “oh what a beautiful thing, to see the first day of spring!”


  • Addition and Subtraction: creating and solving number sentences.
  • 3d shapes: reviewing cylinder, sphere, cube and cone.
  • Finding the number that “makes ten” using ten frames.
  • Counting by 2s.  This has been tricky!  Keep practicing at home and we will keep reviewing at school.  The kindergarten standard is to count by 2s.  Practice counting even higher if your child is comfortable with that!


  • We will look at another March saint, St. Joseph. He was a father figure to Jesus and still is to us! Our Bible study will have us looking  at some other favorite Bible stories next week.
  • We will explore the Stations of the Cross in a Kindergarten appropriate way. The story can be sad and scary, but it really has a happy ending! The JOY of Easter!!
  • Kindness is spreading in kindergarten!  Our butterfly is becoming more beautiful, just like each of us!  With each kind act, a new piece of tissue is added to our kindergarten butterfly!
  • Our Lenten almsgiving project of bringing an item for the food pantry continues next week.  We discussed again some of our favorite kindergarten foods and a decision was made.  Please have your child bring in a box of mac and cheese, pasta OR pasta sauce for next week.  We will drop these items off on Thursday, March 21. Again, as we told the children, you may need the pasta at home and that’s fine!  Maybe the next week will be better. The picture at the top of the newsletter shows us dropping off the peanut butter and jelly at church.  We prayed, thanking God for the food we have everyday and we also prayed for those who would be receiving our donations.