Kindergarten Newsletter, March 29, 2019

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, April 1: Hot Lunch, cheese pizza
  • Wednesday, April 3: Hot Lunch, hot dogs

The St. Cletus auction is on SATURDAY!  We hope you can make it.  If not, please check out our kindergarten auction donations by clicking HERE; Look for numbers: 425, 426, 519, 520!

What’s Due:

  • Mother’s day tea permission slips
  • Field trip permission slips
  • See religion section-next week our food pantry donation will be CEREAL.  Send in if you can, if not that’s okay too!

This Week:

We are loving the spring weather and enjoying some extra recess time OUTSIDE.  Jump roping, playing catch, chalk-it’s all good as Pete the Cat would say!

Next Week:


  • Counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Identifying and describing 2d and 3d shapes.
  • Representing addition and subtraction with equations, written both horizontally and vertically.
  • Decomposing numbers up to 10 in more than one way. For example, 5=2+3 and 5=4+1
  • Measurement: length, width and weight.


  • We will begin an author study on Eric Carle. There are so many books to explore!  We will learn all about Eric Carle and the inspiration behind some of his books. We will even learn to paint just like Eric Carle!
  • Journaling: daily journaling, writing 2+ sentences. Partner pair sharing.
  • Daily word wall word practice. We will send home a copy of our final word wall next week.
  • Guided reading groups: we will continue to put our reading strategies to work!
  • We will put our readings into action with READER’S THEATER!  Reader’s theater is when we act out stories using a script.  It’s another way to get the children excited about reading!


  • We will continue to pray the Stations of the Cross together in church on Friday.
  • For next week, please bring in a box of cereal for our Lenten food pantry donation. The children love doing God’s work.  They’re so excited to see the butterfly transforming with each new piece of tissue that’s added! What kind thing has your child done?  Ask!
  • We are noticing new life in spring time.   God gives us new life in springtime as a reminder of the new life we see through Jesus’ rising on Easter. The kindergartners are familiar with the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross, as we have been praying them together each week during Lent.  Though it’s a sad story, we know there is a happy ending and Jesus wants us to celebrate!


  •  The bean and popcorn seeds that we planted are growing inside and we see new life all around us outside too!  What signs of spring are you seeing at home?
  • We will do some more planting next week in our classrooms and will continue to learn about roots, stems, leaves and flowers. We will document what we see in our seed journals.