Kindergarten Newsletter, March 4

Upcoming Events/Mark Your Calendars:

  • Monday, March 7: End of 2nd trimester
  • Tuesday, March 8: 8am Mass
  • Thursday, March 10: 11:30 dismissal, no aftercare; IN-PERSON Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Friday, March 11: No School

This Week:

We had so much fun reading Dr. Seuss books this week. It’s so fun to see how excited the children get reading his stories and also what ACTIVE readers they become thanks to the predictable text. We will wrap up our Seuss unit next week with a few stories we didn’t get to this past week.

Next Week:

  • Next week, you will be getting a permission slip/Save the Date for a very special upcoming (May) event, the Mother’s Day Tea.  It’s been 2 years since this event has been able to take place so we are SO excited to have it on the calendar and planned as an in-person event!  Please watch for the permission slip next week. We want to give our busy moms plenty of time! You don’t want to miss this one!
  • We look forward to seeing you all at conferences on Thursday.  It will be so nice to sit down and talk with each of you.  Please be on time and understand that we need to stick with the ten minute time slots, but we are MORE than happy to schedule additional time with you if needed.  We know it will be so nice to chat in person and we look forward to discussing your child’s progress with each of you!

Language Arts:

  • We will wrap up our Seuss unit with a few more stories, a writing activity and we will graph our favorite Seuss books.
  • Daily journaling and phonemic awareness continues.  Don’t forget to use the phrase “that would be a great thing to write about in your journal!”  The kids are always looking for new journal topics. There’s so much to write about. Help your child see this!
  • Guided reading groups
  • Word work practice:  CVC (i.e. bat, mug, dog) digraph (i.e. chick, ship, bath) and words with blends (i.e. sleep, black, glue)
  • Seuss book list: seuss book list

Math: We are nearing the end of Chapter 7 in Go Math!

  • Centers will continue to focus on addition as well as subtraction now.  Our goal is to be able to “add and subtract within 10” and “FLUENTLY add and subtract within 5”.  We will achieve this by doing different addition and subtraction activities during centers with dice, dominos and other manipulatives.
  • Now that we are becoming more fluent with our addition and subtraction facts, we will be applying this knowledge to WORD PROBLEMS. We will also use pictures to solve these word problems.
  • Review representing numbers as “__ tens and __ ones”
  • Counting to 100 by ones
  • Counting to 100 by 5s
  • Counting to 100 by 10s
  • Counting to 20 by 2s
  • Count forward from a given number (except 1)
  • Represent addition up to 10 with fingers, drawings, sounds
  • Represent subtraction up to 5 with fingers, drawings, sounds
  • Compose and decompose numbers 11-19 by drawings


  • We are focusing on our Lenten promises, as the church asks us to do: prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  In the classroom, each day we are adding the OUR FATHER to our morning prayer and pledge routine. We will also be praying the Stations of the Cross each week together. Please talk to your child about the Stations of the Cross.  We talk about the sadness of the story, but focus on the fact that Jesus doesn’t want us to be sad.  He wants us to be happy and that’s why he gives us Easter!  In our classrooms, we are also focusing on almsgiving, acts of giving to the poor.  We are doing this with our rice bowl collection and food pantry collection.  Right now, we asked for jars of peanut butter (mahr) and jelly (firestone). These will be collected and brought to the food pantry next week.  We will let you know what the next food we collect will be! Our rice bowls are already generously being filled with change.  We reminded the children to ask before taking any money. Lastly, we won’t be ‘fasting’ or ‘sacrificing’ in our classrooms, but instead we are focusing on ‘doing’—doing acts of KINDNESS! Showing God’s love through our words and actions! Each time a child is caught doing something kind, he/she will put an Easter sticker on his/her cross. Be sure to look for these crosses displayed in the hallway on conference day. We will continue to our Bible reading next week with more stories about how Jesus showed kindness and taught people about kindness through different parables. He is our BEST example of what kindness looks like.  We are working hard to be more like Him!