Kindergarten Newsletter, May 19

Looking ahead/Mark your calendars:

  • Wednesday, May 24: I-Inside Out: you can wear any piece of clothing inside out.  We’ll see if we can figure out what is inside out!
  • Thursday, May 25: PBIS letter day: H-Wear a HAT to school
  • Thursday, May 25th: Kindergarten/8th grade picnic: PLEASE BRING AN EXTRA TREAT TO SHARE WITH YOUR BUDDY
  • Wednesday, June 7: Kindergarten Celebration, 10:30am–plan on attending! Students are dismissed for the summer following the celebration.

PBIS Countdown Activities: Click below to view the countdown calendar. The full week is listed below. Please note Wednesday is “inside out day” and Thursday is “Hat day”

pbis calendar

  • Monday, May 22: K is for “Kind act”
  • Tuesday, May 23: J is for “Joke day” (feel free to bring a joke to share with the class this day—I’ll have my own to share!)
  • Wednesday, May 24: I is for “inside out”
  • Thursday, May 25: H is for “hat time”
  • Friday, May 26: G is for “give a compliment”

What’s Due?

This Week:

PBIS countdown fun continued this week!  The kids loved “M” for “music” when we played musical chairs and also enjoyed L  for “language”–we tried to say please, hello and thank you in different languages including sign language.  Thanks to students that were able to share their Spanish and Polish with us!

The kids enjoyed watching the Matt Wilhelm bike presentation.  Thanks to everyone for your support of our school auction!

Next Week:

We are hard at work getting ready for the kindergarten celebration.  We will continue to work on decorations as well as the songs that we will share with you on stage.  The excitement is building!

Language Arts:

  • High Frequency words: focus words: new, look, funny
  • Journaling/writing: The children are on their 5th and final journals of the year! They’re given a full page of lines which they are quickly filling up because they realize they have SO MUCH to say.  We have confident writers in the classroom!
  • Interactive writing and word work: word work continues next week with a mix of words containing digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh, ck), dipthongs (oy, oi, ow, ou, oo) and long vowels
  • Guided reading, fluency journals: Keep looking for book buddy bags in your child’s backpack.  Be sure to practice and then send back in a timely manner!
  • Read alouds: We will be diving into our Elephant and Piggie books next week.  These books really help us to focus on EXPRESSION when reading.


Chapter 9 was sent home this week and we are well into Chapter 10 which is all about 3D, “fat” or “solid” shapes.  Here is what we are learning:

  • We are learning about the sphere, cylinder, cube and cone.
  • We are learning which shapes can stack, roll and slide.
  • We are learning about which shapes are curved.
  • We are learning about the ‘faces’ on each 3D shape.

We will be busy looking for 3D shapes in our environment as well. We will spend about another week or so on 3D shapes before beginning our final unit on measurement.

Math Review:

  • Addition and subtraction practice
  • Identify word problems as “addition” or “subtraction”, generate an equation and solve.
  • Counting to 100 by ones, fives and tens
  • Counting to 20 by 2s.
  • Count forward from a given number (except 1)
  • Money:  Identifying the penny, nickel, dime and quarter, the value of each and recognize some of the symbols.  We will also work on counting groups of coins.


  • We have chrysalises!  The children have documented the changes in their butterfly journals.  The chrysalises have been transferred to the butterfly net and we are now checking each day to see if we have any butterflies…it could be any day now!
  • We started to grow bean and popcorn seeds.  We will be documenting their growth in seed journals.  We will learn about the root, root hairs, shoot and what plants need to grow.  We will discuss how amazing it is that a tiny dry seed can grow into a big, beautiful plant.  Thank you, God!