Kindergarten Newsletter, May 21

Important dates/mark your calendars:

  • Thursday, June 3rd: The Kindergarten Celebration at 9am in the parish center gym; two grown-ups per child and masks required.  The children can wear any brightly colored outfit!  Kindergarten Rocks! Students are dismissed for the summer following the Celebration. The Celebration should last about 45 minutes, so until about 9:45.  After the Celebration, we will walk the children back to our classrooms and we will dismiss them out our usual doors at 10am. After you get your child, please keep the sidewalk clear as the rest of the school will be busy having their outdoor end of the year fun! Reach out if you have any questions.

This Week:

We wrapped up our Eric Carle unit.  Though we read MANY of his stories, there are still SO MANY left!  We told the children they can check more of his books out at the library!

We started end of the year assessments this week.  It’s so fun to see the progress all the kids have made and we are excited for you to see that progress on their final report cards.  Kindergarten is such a magical time–so many friendships, so much growth, so much FUN!

We have started to prepare for our end of the year celebration.  We can’t wait to showcase all that we have learned! Don’t forget to turn in the contact tracing form by Wednesday, May 26th: Kindergarten Celebration Contact Tracing List

The librarians from the La Grange Library visited us for a presentation about the summer reading program.  Information will be sent home on Wednesday.

Next Week:

We will begin our last full week of kindergarten!  Hard to believe.  What a year!

Language Arts:

  • Guided writing: My favorite thing about kindergarten is…
  • We will mark and illustrate our final Poetry Journal song: Hooray for God!
  • Review: all word wall words with different center activities
  • Read alouds: we will revisit some of the stories we read during the first week of school; time to reminisce!
  • Daily journaling, daily phonemic awareness, guided reading and word work activities continue.


  • We will begin our final chapter in Go Math, chapter 12!  It is all about classifying and sorting data, something we do daily during calendar time!
  • Our centers will focus on money, measurement and weight.
  • Money: When working with money we are learning the names of the 4 coins, how much each is worth and some of the symbols on each coin.  We are doing some simple coin counting, such as a group of dimes (counting by 10s) a group of nickels (counting by 5s) and so on.
  • Measurement: We are working on understanding the length and height of objects and labeling them as longer/shorter and taller/shorter.  We will be using nonstandard units of measurement (paperclips, cubes, etc.) to measure different things in our classrooms. “My scissors are 6 cubes long and my pencil is 8 cubes long.  The scissors are shorter than the pencil!”
  • Weight: Describing items as “heavier” or “lighter” and using a scale, how can you tell which item is heavier/lighter?


During May, we have told the children they are more than welcome to bring in flowers to place by Mary, as we continue to honor our mother in heaven this month.  We will continue to pray the Hail Mary daily. We will complete a guided drawing of Mary for home.

Our next “Growing with God” lesson is “I know how to be safe”; we will read the parable of the “Lost Sheep”; God cares for each and every one of us.  He loves us and wants us to be safe too.  Each and every one of us is important to God!

We will learn a new song: HOORAY FOR GOD!

Science: We will observe our bean and popcorn seeds now that they are planted in dirt.