Kindergarten Newsletter, May 7

Upcoming Events/Mark your calendars:

  • Monday, May 10: May Crowning: we will watch the live stream of the Mass in school.
  • Friday, May 14: 8th Grade ribbon ceremony
  • Thursday, June 3rd: Kindergarten Celebration at 9am in Fr. Clark Hall/PC: we are hoping to get a letter with final plans (always subject to change) to you next week; students are dismissed for the summer following the 9am celebration.

This Week:

It was so nice to have a full week back in the classroom and boy were we BUSY!  We had to catch up on many of our Mother’s Day projects!  We hope you enjoy the gift!

Next Week:

We will revisit our ERIC CARLE author study.  Due to remote learning, this previously planned unit was cut short.  We will go back to exploring his books and learning about this wonderful author!


  • May is Mary’s month!  We will take a walk around the campus next week and look for statues of Mary; we will see if flowers are placed near Mary and will talk about how we honor Mary, our mother in heaven, throughout the month of May.  We will watch the May Crowning Prayer service on Friday.
  • We will pray the Hail Mary daily.
  • We will move on to the next lesson in “Growing with God”: we do God’s work on earth when we do KIND things with our hands. We will discuss what those kind things look like.  We will discuss what unkind things can be done with our hands (pinching, grabbing, pushing, etc.).


  • We will wrap up Chapter 9 (2D shapes) and move on to Chapter 10: 3D shape review.
  • Addition and subtraction: Review adding and subtracting within 10 and finding missing addends; we will apply our addition and subtraction skills to word problems.  We will use pictures to help solve those word problems.
  • We will introduce quarter, nickel, dime and penny; we will learn the value of each.  We will see how counting by 1s, 5s and 10s helps us count coins.  We will discuss some of the symbols and presidents on each coin.

Language arts:

  • Word wall words:  You received our final April/May word wall earlier this week; we will continue to practice ALL word walls, focusing on HELP, WHERE, AWAY.
  • Daily journaling and daily phonemic awareness continues!
  • Eric Carle author study: we will explore Eric Carle’s stories, some of his more popular ones and a few that they’ve probably never heard of!
  • We will read nonfiction books about PLANTS!
  • We will begin to learn new songs for our End of the Year Celebration!


  • We released the butterflies on Thursday! The children were sad to see them go, but we know they belong outside!
  • We will begin to observe seed germination using a bean and popcorn seed.  We will use journals to track their growth and make scientific drawings.  We remember that a scientific drawing means we are NOT drawing from the imagination but instead we draw what we observe.