Kindergarten Newsletter, November 12

Upcoming Events/Mark your calendars:

  • Tuesday, November 16th: 8 am Mass
  • Wednesday, December 22: SAVE THE DATE- The Advent Mass on December 22nd at 9:30am will be prepared by kindergarten students and their 8th grade buddies.  Your children, through song and prayer, will show us what the Advent season is all about–preparing our hearts for Jesus’ birthday on Christmas Day! The theme of the Mass will revolve around the Jesse Tree. After the Mass, the children will be on the altar presenting their Christmas songs and poems.  More details will be sent home in December, but please mark your calendars now and plan on joining us! 9:30 Mass, followed by the song presentation until about 10:45am.

This Week:

Thanks to our room parents for helping us coordinate items for our Thanksgiving Celebration which will take place November 22nd AFTER our regular lunch. This month, we will discuss how the month of November is all about giving thanks to God for all His blessings.  We even hear the word THANKS in thanksgiving!  Our new pocket chart song this month reminds us of some of God’s gifts to us.  Ask your child to sing it to you.  Hint: “The earth below, the sky above, the food we eat…”  On November 22nd, turkey hats will go on, and the children will have a chance to “feast” together with their friends, discuss their blessings and of course, pray together, giving thanks for all of God’s gifts to us.    Be sure to check out the sign up genius from our room parents.  There is ONE sign up genius for BOTH classes.

Next Week:

We started assessments this past week and will continue working on those next week.  We will go over the results with you at conferences!

Language Arts:

  • Jolly Phonics:  We will finish introducing the last two sounds, AR and ER.  Very exciting!
  • Daily journaling:  Daily journaling will begin in kindergarten! Here are our expectations: date written, words in pencil, picture in crayon, correct spelling of word wall words and INDEPENDENTLY stretching out unfamiliar words.  That last one is the hardest for kindergartners!  The children will hear us saying, “write the sounds you hear” OFTEN!  Practice this at home too.  If your child wants to spell “friends” and spells “feds”–give them a thumbs up, looks good!  Correct spelling will come later.  Right now we use “brave spelling”, or “phonetic spelling” to practice those letter/sound relationships.
  • Shared writing: The children will “share the pen” with the teacher by filling in missing words and letters.
  • High frequency words:  Click word wall list- word wall list- October November to see our November word wall; we will focus on big, run next week
  • Identifying the characters, setting, problem and solution in stories.
  • Understanding the job of the author and illutrator.
  • Making connections: “text to text”— “this books reminds me of the book we read yesterday” and “text to self”–“this reminds me of when…”

Math: We will wrap up Go Math, Chapter 4.  The children’s number sense is really improving as seen by their ability to tackle higher level thinking math problems. Chapter 5 will have us really diving into formal addition sentence writing using the + and = symbols.

  • 2D shapes: naming the number of sides and the number of vertices for a square, circle, rhombus, rectangle, triangle
  •  Rote counting to 60 by ones
  • Skip counting to 100 by 10’s
  • Writing & Representing to 30
  •  1 to1 counting of objects to 40
  • Compose and decompose numbers 11-19 by drawings & equations; for example, 14= 10 (1 group of ten) +4 (and 4 ones) and also looking at Quick Shows With Ten-Frames – moffett4understandingmath and recognizing this as “14”.
  • “Making ten”; our center activities will revolve around different ways to make 10 using different manipulatives.  We will start to label this as “addition”!
  • Using “matching” to answer the question, “how many more?”  We are not asking how my blue cubes and how many red cubes there are–we are asking how many MORE blue cubes are there than red?


We will practice our “All Gifts from God” pocket chart song.  We will continue to add to our “blessings” lists.  We will continue to discuss emotions in our Second Step program.