Kindergarten Newsletter, November 5

Mark Your calendars/looking ahead:

  • Wednesday, November 10th: We will attend a dental presentation
  • Wednesday, November 10th: Picture retake day
  • Wednesday, December 22: SAVE THE DATE- The Advent Mass on December 22nd at 9:30am will be prepared by kindergarten students and their 8th grade buddies.  Your children, through song and prayer, will show us what the Advent season is all about–preparing our hearts for Jesus’ birthday on Christmas Day! The theme of the Mass will revolve around the Jesse Tree. After the Mass, the children will be on the altar presenting their Christmas songs and poems.  More details will be sent home in December, but please mark your calendars now and plan on joining us! 9:30 Mass, followed by the song presentation until about 10:45am.

This Week:

We wrapped up some of our Halloween activities and stories on Monday and Tuesday.  Then the jack-0-lanterns were put away and up went the turkeys!  Boy, where does the time go!?

On Monday, we attended the All Saints’ Day Mass.  It was a very special Mass as we honored all of “God’s superstars” in heaven AND we got to sit with our 8th grade buddies! The buddies helped the children with the kneelers, the song book, and reminders about how to be prayerful in church. Thanks, 8th grade!  On Friday, Father Dan met with us at church and told us a little bit about some of the saint statues on either side of our church.  Ask your child to show you either at Sunday Mass or stop in any day after school.  The doors are open until 4:00.  Quiet time with God is always a good thing!

Next Week:

We will have our first lockdown drill on Thursday, November 11th.  The police department will be present.  We will practice going to “our safe spot” in the classroom.  We will remain quiet.  We do this because sometimes, “the office wants to make sure everyone is safe in their rooms with the teachers and no one is going in and out of the classroom.”  We will remind students for fire drills we GET OUT, for lockdown drills we STAY PUT! Always just remember–look to the teacher in the room if you’re unsure of what to do!

Language Arts:

  • Jolly Phonics: We are on to our FINAL Jolly Phonics group!  We will work on sounds oi and ue. During phonemic awareness, we are working on counting syllables, isolating the onset and rime, punching out the final sounds in words, replacing the initial sound with a new sound (cat, take away /c/ and put in /b/–new word is BAT!) and more!
  • When we are not doing a Jolly Phonics sound, we are completing journaling and shared writing activities! In journaling, we are practicing writing with pencil, drawing with crayons, using the word wall, using lower case letters, “writing the sounds we hear”, using finger spaces and making sure our pictures match our words. In shared writing, the children “share the pen” with the teacher and fill in missing letters or words.
  • Sight words:  We will continue to work on reading and writing the color words: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, brown, pink; in addition to the color words, we are focusing on: did, can, me, by
  • We will read fiction and nonfiction books about Thanksgiving.

Math: We have started Chapter 4 in Go Math. Chapter 4 is “representing and comparing numbers to 10”.

  • 2D shapes: naming the number of sides and the number of vertices for a square, circle, rhombus, rectangle, triangle
  •  Rote counting to 60 by ones
  • Skip counting to 100 by 10’s
  • Writing & Representing to 30
  •  1 to1 counting of objects to 40
  • Compose and decompose numbers 11-19 by drawings & equations; for example, 14= 10 (1 group of ten) +4 (and 4 ones) and also looking at Quick Shows With Ten-Frames – moffett4understandingmath and recognizing this as “14”.
  • “Making ten”; our center activities will revolve around different ways to make 10 using different manipulatives.  We will start to label this as “addition”!


We will learn a new song reminding us of what Thanksgiving is all about: being thankful to God for all His blessings.  Ask your child about it next week!  Hint: “The earth below, the sky above, the food we eat, the friends we love…”; we will make a class book about our blessings by completing a guided writing activity: “I am thankful for…”