Kindergarten Newsletter, November 6

Upcoming Events/Mark your calendars:

  • November 9: P/T conference sign up opens for families with multiple students
  • November 11: P/T conference sign up opens for families with one student
  • Monday, November 16: End of first trimester
  • Monday, November 16: Return to in person learning for Mahr’s class
  • Tuesday, November 24: Virtual P/T conferences

This Week:

Whether we were in school or at home, a lot of learning happened this week! The most exciting part was the kindergarten election day. The results are in: Farmer Brown won and Mrs. Firestone’s class will be having a movie at school.  In Mrs. Mahr’s class, duck won and the children will be getting some computer time!

Next Week:

We will be wrapping up scarecrow and pumpkin activities and moving on to turkeys!

Language Arts:

  • Journaling:  Daily journaling begins!  We are reinforcing all of our Jolly Phonics sounds by “writing the sounds we hear” during journaling time.
  • Sight words:  Review of all first trimester words. Click HERE to see first trimester words.
  • Jolly Phonics:  We will work on segmenting cvc words and “writing the sounds we hear”.
  • Interactive writing: we will begin to practice generating a sentence and writing them altogether on our whiteboards.  The focus will be on using one capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, finger spaces, correct spelling of word wall words and stretching of unfamiliar words.

Religion: For the remainder of November we will be sharing what we are thankful for each day.  With each new thing, we will add a thankful feather to our turkeys.  We will also begin to learn a new song that goes like this: The earth below, the sky above, the food we eat, the friends we love, are ALL gifts from God.  ALL gifts from God.  That song will remind us that all the things we add to our thankful turkeys are gifts from God. We will illustrate this song in our poetry journals.

Math:  We are on chapter 3 of Go Math and will be working on the following:

  • Counting to 40 by ones.
  • Representing numbers 6 and 7.
  • We will continue to practice counting by 10s to 100.
  • Counting forward from a given number other than 1.
  • Writing and representing groups up to 20.
  • Counting and answering “how many?” up to 20.
  • Comparing numbers using >< = and “matching up” as Go Math teaches us.
  • We are very good at representing numbers with a ten frame.  We will practice representing numbers more with base 10 blocks.
  • We will begin to show numbers on ten frames GREATER THAN 20.  27 is two groups of ten with 7 ones left over.
  • iReady math in the lab.

Social Studies/Science: We will use that leftover Halloween candy to do a sink or float activity.  We will wrap up pumpkin activities.