Kindergarten Newsletter, November 8

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, November 11: Veteran’s Day 9:30 Mass
  • Monday, November 11: Hot Lunch, Pisa Pizza
  • Wednesday, November 13: Hot Lunch, PF Chang’s
  • Wednesday, November 13: Dining for Dollar’s at Chipotle on La Grange road in COUNTRYSIDE.  Be sure to bring the flyers or show on your phone.
  • Friday, November 15: Hot Lunch, Boston Market

Looking Ahead:

Please mark your calendars and plan on joining us for the Kindergarten Christmas song presentation:

  • Friday, December 20:  School Mass, 9:30 am followed by Christmas Song Performance.

Also, we will need 7 volunteers for our Christmas party in the afternoon that day:

  • Friday, December 20: Birthday Party for Baby Jesus (class Christmas party) to be held in our classroom in the afternoon at 1:30.  Volunteers will be needed.  If you came to our Halloween party and/or field trip, we will let other parents have a chance to volunteer first. Sign-up will come from the room parents AFTER Thanksgiving.

This Week:

  • Your child came home with a new word wall.  These are words that will be added to our word wall by the END of November.  Our current focus is on COLOR WORDS.
  • Thank you for completing the Halloween candy tally sheet.  We enjoyed going over the results together!  It looks like the kids still did plenty of trick-or-treating despite the weather!

Next Week:

  • The room parents will be sending out a sign-up genius with different food items we will need for our classroom “Thanksgiving Feast.” Please watch for that email next week!

Language Arts: 

  • We will begin group 7 sounds: qu, ou, oi.  At home: review groups 1-6.
  • Sight word practice:  Our current words are: a, and, do, did, go, green, have, I, is, like, no, orange, purple, pink, red, see, the to, we, will white, yes, you, yellow.  We will be be focusing on reading and writing color words during centers: sorting and graphing cubes by color, sorting and graphing Halloween candy by color, smartboard games and writing the words on salt trays.
  • Journaling:  During journal time, we will continue to practice ‘writing the sounds we hear’ by drawing and labeling pictures.  At home, make sure you use this same language.  Do not correct your child’s spelling.  Our goal is to build confident writers and we want the children to get comfortable writing the sounds they hear.  Correct spelling will come later!
  • We will illustrate the current poem in our pocket chart called, NOvember.  We will highlight any word wall words we find in this poem!
  • Thanksgiving stories at the listening center.
  • Drawing and writing about our favorite part of  a Thanksgiving story.  We will partner pair share and the children’s job is to LISTEN to their partner.  When it’s time to share, they must repeat what their partner said.  This is something we will do often!


  • Counting by 1s to 40.
  • Counting by 10s to 100. Practice this at home, in the car!
  • Teen numbers:  We will use base ten blocks to represent teen numbers.
  • Counting on from a number other than 1.
  • Answering, “how many?”  up to 20.
  • Comparing numbers, using greater than, less than and equal to.

Religion: All gifts come from God.  Throughout November, we will talk about giving thanks to God for all of his blessings.  On the bulletin board in our hallway, there is a giant turkey that says, “count our feathers…count your blessings!”  We will be writing God’s blessings on a feather each day throughout November and will add those feathers to our turkey.

On Friday during our church visit, we looked at some of the statues of Saints in our church.  Ask your child to show you them! All Saint’s Day is a reminder that we are called to be Saints.  How can we do that?  Do God’s work–be kind and love one another!

At home, ask your child about our new song this month.  Hint: “the earth below, the sky above…”

Science/Social Studies: We will begin to learn about the first Thanksgiving.  We will have our own Thanksgiving Feast in kindergarten at the end of November!