Kindergarten Newsletter, October 11

Mark your calendars:

  • October 11-13: Dining for Dollar’s at Kenny’s in Countryside
  • Monday, October 14: No School
  • Wednesday, October 16: Hot Lunch, PF Chang’s
  • Wednesday, October 16: Bring your favorite apple to school TODAY!
  • Thursday, October 17: Field Trip
  • Friday, October 18th: Hot lunch, Boston Market

What’s Due:

  • If you choose not to purchase the coupon book that was sent home with oldest/only children, please make sure you return it!
  • Are you following St. Cletus on social media? Don’t miss seeing the highlights of the week!

This Week:

Another busy week!  It’s beginning to look like fall both inside and outside our classroom! Witches and bats art projects are being hung, orange playdoh is being enjoyed and our sensory tub has also taken on an autumn appearance.  Happy Fall!

On Thursday we went to church with our 8th grade buddies.  We watched the 6th graders receive their bibles. The children did really well and the 8th graders were a big help!

Next Week:

Next week is our field trip to the La Grange Farmer’s Market! Please make sure your child dresses for the weather!

Please note, on WEDNESDAY, I am asking children to bring in their favorite apple.  I will send a reminder email on Tuesday. Next week we will kick off our apple/healthy foods unit.  We will begin by learning about apples and fruits and vegetables that grow above and below the ground.

Language Arts:

  • Read alouds: We will read the book Tops and Bottoms to help us understand that some fruits and vegetables grow above the ground, and others grow below the ground. We will read both fiction and non fiction books about apples.  We will review the purpose of a nonfiction story. We will read “the little red house with no doors, no windows and a star inside.”
  • Jolly Phonics: we will finish up group 4 with ee/or and move on to group 5– /z/.  In kindergarten we learn that sometimes letters work together to make a sound, like -ai -ee -or, etc. At home: Please review groups 1-4 sounds and actions; this should only take a few minutes!
  • Word Wall: Our current words are: I, a, do, go, I, is, no, see, to, the, we, yes, you.  Next week, we will add on: will, have. At home:  Be sure to practice reading and writing these words using the ideas I provided.
  • We will illustrate our newest pocket chart song for our poetry and song books; Ask your child to sing it to you.  Hint: “The ghost goes BOO!”


  • Ten frame apples: We will mark our ten frames to match the number given.
  • Apple patterning: we will color the apples to make a pattern.
  • Graphing: We will graph our favorite way to eat apples, graph whether or not we like applesauce and complete an apple graph and tally sheet.  We love to graph in kindergarten.  It helps us to organize information!
  • Number formation: 1-9; using the poems, we will continue to practice forming numbers correctly. Click HERE for a blank copy of the number poems. Ask your child to show you these numbers at home! The children are getting REALLY good at writing their numbers correctly!
  • Tally marks: we practice making “bundles of 5” and “groups of ten”; tally marks really help children with place value, understanding tens and ones.  The children have made great progress with this!
  • Counting by 1s to 30.
  • Showing numbers using the ten frame. We will now work on using a double ten frame to represent those tricky teen numbers.  We want the children to have strong number sense, understanding not just that 13 is a 1 and a 3, but that it is a group of ten and 3 ones. At home:  Practice with the double ten frame. I will send a hard copy home; An extra copy is available here: TenFrameWorkmatsFREEBIE
  • Identifying 2D shapes


Apple experimenting next week!

  • Which is heavier?  The apple or the —-?
  • Will the apple sink or float?  Why?

We will learn about where the fruits and veggies that we buy at the grocery store come from and discuss whether they grow above or below the ground.


God gives me my feelings and He cares how I feel!  We will discuss how it is OUR job to care how others feel too.  Our “second step” program will help the children identify feelings based on body language.  Each lesson begins with a picture card and a discussion about feelings (see above picture). We will use an apple to show how it looks perfect on the outside and then will cut it open to find it all bruised and browned on the inside to remind the children how unkind words hurt others on the INSIDE.