Kindergarten Newsletter, October 19

Upcoming Events/Mark your calendars, please note RED RIBBON WEEK activities:

  • Monday, October 22: Hot lunch, cheese or pepperoni pizza
  • Tuesday, October 23: Vision and hearing screening; Red ribbon week: Knock out drugs! Sports dress down day
  • Wednesday, October 24: Hot Lunch, meatball sandwich; Buddies Stay Healthy, we will do an activity with our buddies.
  • Thursday, October 25: Press the Snooze button on Drugs: Pajama day
  • Friday, October 26: Be unhealthy!? You’re CRAZY! Crazy accessory day, students wear crazy socks, necklaces, shirts, etc.

This Week:

Another great week in kindergarten! We had a full week of morning and afternoon centers, enjoyed a fall afternoon park visit on Thursday and of course our weekly “flashlight Friday” morning reading. The picture above shows us singing our “Pumpkin Patch” circle time song.  Ask your child to sing it to you!  Hint: “Pumpkin patch, pumpkin patch, come along with me to the…”

Next Week:

Next week is Red Ribbon Week, “say not to drugs!”  We will talk about keeping our bodies healthy and safe.  Please note the different student council sponsored events for next week (see mark your calendar above).


  • Jolly Phonics:  We finished up group 4 sounds and will work on finishing up group 5 sounds with ng, v, oo
  • High frequency/word wall words: I, a, and, do, did, go, is, like, no, see, to, the, we, will, yes & we will introduce YOU & color words, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, brown, black, pink next week. We sent our updated word wall home on Friday.  Color words will go up next week!
  • Journaling:  we are beginning to journal every day; we are working on “writing the sounds we hear.”  This can be very difficult and even a bit scary or frustrating for beginning writers!  Use the same language at home when your child asks, “how do you spell…?”  Respond with: “write what you hear!”  Help your child hear the Jolly Phonics sounds. Correct spelling will come later, right now we need to focus on practicing letter/sound relationships.
  • Halloween stories at the listening center.
  • Fiction and nonfiction stories about pumpkins.
  • Segmenting and blending the sounds in words: we will practice breaking words down into individual sounds and then blending them back together.


We continue to work hard on building strong number sense.  We will keep focusing on the skills below for the rest of October:

  • Counting to 30 by ones.
  • Counting and representing to 20. At home: Use the ten frame and ask your child to show you 5, 7, 10, etc. using small manipulatives at home. If your child is ready for more, try those tricky teen numbers using the double tens frame! Next, YOU put the counters on the ten frame and ask your child to give you the number:
  • Practicing 1-1 counting; this means each time we point to a new item, we should hear a new number being spoken.
  • Answer “how many?” when given a group of items to count.
  • Identify flat, 2D shapes: triangle, circle, square, rectangle, oval, diamond.
  • Patterning: we will practice creating patterns, continuing patterns and labeling patterns.  Next week we will create HALLOWEEN patterns.
  • Number writing 1-10: learning to correctly form our numbers using number poems; we start all of our numbers at the TOP, just like our letters. Practice this at home by using the number writing poems.
  • Making tally marks to practice “bundles of 5″ and groups of 10”.    At home: Give your child a number (start under 20). Ask your child to show you that number with tallies. Tallying helps the children identify TENS and ONES.
  • Comparing two numbers using ><= up to 20. At home: get out a deck of cards and play war!


God cares how we feel!  Whether we are happy, sad, angry, scared, embarrassed, God cares and He asks us to care about others too!  We are learning how important it is to read our friends’ faces and care when someone is feeling a certain way. This has been a great Religion unit to lead into our Second Step Program. Cardinals care!