Kindergarten Newsletter, October 23

Upcoming events/mark your calendars:

  • Friday, October 30th: Haunted Car yard! Students will also be able to come to school in their costumes that day. Please arrive by 12:30 so your trunk is in ready to go. ALL students (regardless of whether or not you have a trunk decorated) will then parade around the lot and view the trunks. Remember to RSVP no later than Sunday, October 26th at this link
  • Red Ribbon week activities
    October 27th-Crazy socks
    October 28th-Crazy hats
    October 29th-Pajama Day
    October 30th-Halloween costumes!
  • Wednesday, November 4: Picture retakes
  • Tuesday, November 24: VIRTUAL P/T conferences; you will sign up for a time slot through PTC fast (for returning families, this is what you’ve used for several years) and then you will get a GOOGLE MEET link from your child’s teacher. Please watch for information on sign-up to come from the school office in November.

This Week:

We will be ‘meeting’ our 8th grade buddies soon! The children received a Halloween drawing from their buddies this week. The 8th graders drew a haunted house and the kindergartners have been coloring them. The 8th graders are creating introduction videos in computer class and will be sending them our way soon.  The children are excited to “see” their buddies.

Next Week:

It’s  Halloween week and that means we will be learning all about pumpkins!  We will be reading about pumpkins (both fiction and nonfiction), experimenting with pumpkins, doing math with pumpkins and more! On Friday, we will be celebrating Halloween in our classrooms.  Don’t forget, the children ARE allowed to dress up! Any questions, just ask.

Language Arts:

  • Jolly Phonics: We finished group 6 and we are on to our FINAL group of sounds! We will complete qu, ou, oi next week.

What is Jolly Phonics? — Jolly Phonics at Home

  • Sight Words:  Current words: a, did, do, I, is, no, the, yes, to, see, like, go, will, you, we, or, have, me, big, run; we will continue to focus on the color words next week: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, brown, pink.  We sing about our color word songs all day long and this has helped them learn how read and spell them!  The color word songs are quite catchy, perhaps you have heard them! 🙂  If not, ask your child to sing one to you at home!  At home: click HERE to practice reading trimester 1 words.  We have covered the first half of the words listed in this powerpoint.  You can press play and your student can practice writing with marker, fun pens, chalk, dry erase markers, magnadoodles, ipad, boogie board, etc. Click HERE to print flash cards to begin practicing sight word recognition.  You can also print 2 copies of these on thicker paper and play memory!
  • Journaling: Current journaling expectations: Name at the top, words written in pencil, detailed drawing in crayon, correct spelling of any word wall words, finger spaces in between words, punctuation at the end and stretch out any non word wall words and “write the sounds you hear.” This is the hardest thing for kindergarten writers.  It takes some time to build that confidence!
  • Reading strategies: “Get your mouth ready,” “use the picture clue” and “look for chunks.”
  • Nonfiction vs. fiction text: understanding the differences and purpose of each while reading about PUMPKINS.
  • Making connections: connecting one text to another text and connecting own experiences to a text: “this reminds me of when…”
  • We will practice hearing the beginning, middle and end sounds in CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant) words.
  • iReady reading in the lab.

Math: We will continue to work in our GO MATH workbooks.

  • Counting to 30 by ones.  At home: You can practice this in the car!
  • We will continue to practice counting by 10s to 100. At home: another thing you can practice in the car!
  • Counting forward from a given number other than 1. At home: say to your student, “10” and ask your student to say “11, 12” and so on.
  • Writing and representing groups up to 20.
  • Counting and answering “how many?” up to 20.
  • Comparing numbers using >< = and “matching up” as Go Math teaches us.
  • We will continue to practice those “tricky teen numbers.” We look at teen numbers as “1 group of ten with —- ones left over.”
  • iReady math in the lab.

Religion: God cares how I feel!  God cares when I am SCARED.  This is a perfect emotion to discuss the week of Halloween when that emotion is commonly felt.