Kindergarten Newsletter, October 7

Upcoming Events/Mark your Calendars:

  • Monday, October 10: No School
  • Tuesday, October 11: 8am Mass
  • Wednesday, October 12: PBIS Assembly in the afternoon
  • Thursday, October 13: Farmer’s Market Field Trip: we will be outside so please dress for the weather! The children will be allowed to buy something and the cost of the item was included in your $10 fee.  Please do NOT send your child with extra money.

What’s Due:

  • Volunteering: If you wish to volunteer at St. Cletus School, please make sure you complete the following requirements.  We will have two classroom volunteer opportunities in October. Get these requirements completed!
  • Let’s Connect:  Consider following St. Cletus on social media! In particular, please look for St. Cletus on Facebook and join “Mrs. Mahr: kindergarten is sweet” group on Facebook.  There are some great pictures of your children posted already!
  • Hot lunch: Don’t forget to place your weekly hot lunch orders!
  • Seesaw: Be sure you’re logged into seesaw.  Check your MESSAGES to find boom card links.  These links will be active for 2 weeks, then I will send new ones!
  • Scholastic Book Club:  You can place online orders using our class code, H2NGF;

This Week:

Picture day was a success! A good looking bunch!

Next Week:

Please watch for an email/sign up genius link from our room parent, Amaya’s dad, about our upcoming Halloween party on the 31st of October.  We will party in the morning (6 Halloween themed centers) and then parade around the school for “trunk or treat” in the afternoon. A note about Halloween rules will go home next week.

Language Arts:

  • Jolly Phonics: We will wrap up GROUP 4 sounds  with ie, ee, or. We are practicing top to bottom letter formation and also the sounds and actions. We will begin to put sounds together to make words.  We will practice “stretching” and “tapping” out words and will “write the sounds we hear.”

  • Phonemic awareness: Daily phonemic awareness exercises are an important part of our day!  We are now working on isolating the BEGINNING sounds, isolating ENDING sounds,  listening for rhyming words, replacing parts of words and deleting parts of words, counting up words in sentences and using expression according to the punctuation, . ! ?.  This is all ORAL practice.
  • Word wall words: Our current word wall has: do, go, no, the, we, will, yes, you, I see, like, to; Next week, I will introduce A, IS, MY;   AT HOME: Please be sure to practice words: End of october word wall 
    • Highlight the words in newspapers or magazines
    • Use magnetic letters (cookie sheets can be used as a magnetic surface)
    • Look for the words in books and ask your child to point them out 
    • Write notes to your child using these words—lunch notes are a great idea!
    • Play sight word memory/bingo
    • Use shaving cream or salt to trace the words with one finger (on a cookie sheet or table)
    • Rainbow words-write words three times with three different colors
    • Use chalk to write words on the sidewalk
    • Write the words on a magnadoodle, boogie board writint tablet or iPad (any kind of doodle, writing app)
  • Write the room:  Students will be looking for apple cards to write around the room.
  • Read alouds: we are working on “making connections” to stories using the phrase, “this reminds me of…”; we will also be identifying the CHARACTERS and SETTING in stories. We will read both fiction and nonfiction stories about NUTRITION/HEALTHY EATING.  We will learn that nonfiction “teaches us about something”.


We have started Chapter 3 in Go Math.  We are working with numbers 6-9.  We are practicing different number combinations to make those numbers using counters (ie 6=  3 and 3, 4 and 2, etc.)

  • Number formation: the kids recently finished their September number writing assessment and they did GREAT!  Their skills and confidence are both growing.  AT HOME:  number+formation+reference+sheet 7
  • Counting by 1s to 40.
  • Writing numbers to 20.
  • using > < = to compare numbers
  • 1 to 1 Counting of a group of objects
  • Classify objects
  • Finding Shapes in Environment and Describe Positions (above, below, beside, etc)
  •  Identify 2-D Shapes (different orientations/sizes)
  • Patterning: creating, finishing and labeling
  • Tally marks: representing a number using tally marks.  We will practice making “bundles of 5” and “groups of ten”; doing this really helps children improve their number sense and understanding of tens and ones.
  • Ten frame: We are using a double ten frame to represent teen numbers.  Some students will be representing numbers beyond 20 using ten frames. The goal is for children to quickly recognize numbers using TENS and ONES.  double ten frame mats

Religion: We will continue our unit on CREATION.  We’ve read the story from several different bibles. We learned a new song for our poetry journals.

Science: We will continue our unit on Apples and transition more into talking about healthy eating.   We will begin to talk about what healthy eating looks like and how different fruits and vegetables grow—above ground, below ground, do they grow on trees, bushes, are they root vegetables, etc.