Kindergarten Newsletter, October 8

Mark Your Calendars:

  • Monday, October 11: No School

Next Week

We will go to church on Tuesday, don’t forget after the long weekend! Remember, school doors open at 7:45am on Tuesday.

Language Arts:

Sight Words:  We are officially done introducing our first 17 word wall words; we will review these words next week before beginning COLOR WORDS the next week.  Your child should know how to read the words on the October word wall and should be fairly independent in writing it too.  The word walls in our classroom are there to help the children spell these words in case they forget!  Have an area set up in your home with writing/drawing materials and a printed word wall (below); as we dive more into writing, we hope your child begins to show off his/her beginning writing skills at home too!

End of october word wall

Journaling:  We have started journaling in kindergarten.  Right now we are practicing: ‘writing the sounds we hear’.  This is why writing can be a bit of challenge in kindergarten, but it’s also why we do a lot of writing…to become more CONFIDENT!  We will NOT answer the question, “how do you spell…?” in kindergarten.  We do what’s called “brave spelling,” “inventive spelling” or “phonetic spelling”–what these all mean is that children are encouraged to write the sounds they hear so spelling BALL as “bol” is a thumbs up from the teacher!  Correct spelling will come later!  Please do this at home as well, using the phrase, “write the sounds you hear!” Right now we will be journaling 2 days a week, doing our Jolly Phonics 3 days a week.  By November, we will be done introducing the 42 Jolly sounds and we will transition into daily journaling!

Math: We will continue to work on CHAPTER 3 which is all about representing, counting and writing numbers 6-9.  The children are understanding different ways to make numbers 6-9 using counters.  For example, 4 red and 3 yellow makes 7, but 6 red and 1 yellow also makes 7!

  • Counting to 30 by ones-this is easy to practice at home or in the car!
  •  Writing & Representing to 10
  • 1 to1 Counting a group of objects
  •  Representing 1 more; What’s one more than 8?  One more than 10?
  • Answer “How Many?” up to 10
  •  Identify Shapes (different orientation/sizes)
  • Patterning
  • Use tally marks and ten frames to represent different numbers
  • We will be focusing on TEEN numbers and showing them as “one group of ten with _____ many ones left over.”
  • We will begin to practice counting by TENS. Practice this at home and in the car!


God cares how we feel–when we are happy, sad, angry, afraid.  God has given us our feelings and all of these feelings are okay! Everyone has feelings and there will always be someone to talk to and help them with their feelings.  Children are encouraged to talk about their feelings with one another.  “It made me feel —– when you did this”  We will learn that we can always talk to God no matter what we are feeling. The first feelings we will discuss  happy and sad feelings.


We will continue learning about bats, spiders and leaves.  We have really gotten into nonfiction text and are learning to tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction.