Kindergarten Newsletter, October 9

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, October 12: No School
  • Wednesday, October 14: Dining for Dollars at Lou Malnati’s; refer to the flyer that went home this week
  • Friday, October 30: 2nd Annual Cardinal Car Yard; be sure to RSVP by October 26th;

Reminders/What’s due:

  •  Seesaw: Please be sure to check in to your student’s seesaw account weekly.  Be sure to check the INBOX on the right hand side for additional assignments.  Remember, any Seesaw assignments right now are OPTIONAL/ EXTRA practice of skills that we are practicing in school. We’d like grown-ups and children to get comfortable navigating Seesaw. In your INBOX are the optional “boom card” practice links.  Boom cards are quick, self-checking practice cards. These links are good for 2 weeks from the time they are assigned.
  • Seesaw Notifications: Please consider turning on your seesaw notifications–after signing in, click on the gear button on the top left hand side.  Then go to SETTINGS and CLASS NOTIFICATIONS.
  • Social Media: Are you following St. Cletus school on Instagram?  On facebook? On Twitter? Be sure to do so!  And don’t forget our kindergarten facebook page! Please reach out if you are having any difficulties.
  • Directory Spot: Are you logged in to directory spot? This is where you can access kindergarten friends names, contact info.  Perhaps an outdoor playdate while it’s still nice out!  Kindergarten is such a wonderful year.  Such sweet friendships are forming in our classrooms!
  • Masks: be sure your child has extra masks in his/her backpack and make sure you’re taking out the old ones to wash.  Daily, we ask many, many kids to change masks for various reasons often multiple times a day.  Especially now that allergies and colds are starting, it’s so important those extra masks are in their backpacks, clean and ready to be used!  We also have a large supply of reusable child sized masks, but often the kids are more comfortable in their own. Thank you for your help with this, an important part to helping us continue in person learning!
  • Milk order form
  • Be sure to check out the PICTURES PAGE!

Support our School:

  • Boxtops: Be sure to download the boxtops app.  If you don’t do this, PLEASE send in  your receipts, ATTN: MARGARET NAPLETON (Tommy’s mom from Mrs. Mahr’s class).Are you scanning your boxtops? Click HERE to see list of products with boxtops.
  • AMAZON SMILE: With every purchase 0.5% will be donated to a charity of your choice.  Please follow the directions below and choose St. Cletus School as the recipient. Do your kindergartener’s grandparents use Amazon?  Be sure they use Amazon Smile as well!
  1. Check that you have the latest version of the Amazon app
  2. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your device.
  3. Login.
  4. Go into the main menu of the Amazon Shopping app and tap into ‘Settings’.
  5. Tap ‘AmazonSmile‘ and follow the on-screen instructions to turn Amazon Smile on.

This Week: We had a fire drill this week with the fire department present.  The kids did a good job exiting quietly and also maintaining their social distance.  So much to remember! We had a GREAT weather week and LOVED spending some extra time outside at recess.  It’s so important to take advantage of getting outside while we can, especially during this school year when we’re spending a lot more time in our classrooms/cohorts.

Next Week:

We will have a short but busy week!  We will continue to visit the TLC lab twice a week to complete iReady math and reading lessons.  We will spend 30 minutes on each.  The kids are doing great and it’s providing us such valuable information that we can use to differentiate our teaching and also help us to figure out any areas that we may need to reteach or focus on more.


  • Counting to 30 by ones.  At home: You can practice this in the car!
  • We will continue to practice counting by 10s to 100. At home: another thing you can practice in the car!
  • Counting forward from a given number other than 1. At home: say to your student, “10” and ask your student to say “11, 12” and so on.
  • Writing and representing groups up to 20.
  • Counting and answering “how many?” up to 20.
  • Comparing numbers using >< =

*At home: check out seesaw for extra practice!*

Language Arts:

  • We will begin to write the date in the following format: 10-2-19 on papers and in our journals.
  • Journaling: We will practice drawing a picture and labeling that picture with a word or words; we will be using crayons to draw and a pencil to write the sounds.
  • Jolly Phonics: We will finish up GROUP 5 sounds v, oo, and begin group 6 sounds with y, x and ch. Please keep in mind that all 42 sounds will be introduced and the real “mastery” of the sounds comes from journaling, shared writing activities, guided writing activities, etc. At home: Please click HERE for a powerpoint that will take you through all of the sounds.  These can be your “flashcards” to do a quick check/practice of our sounds.
  • Sight Words: Current words on our word walls: a, did, do, I, is, no, the, yes, to, see, like, go, will, you, we, or, have, me; We will add two new words to the word wall: BIG, RUN;  after this we will begin color words, our final group of first trimester sight words!  At home: click HERE to practice reading trimester 1 words.  We have covered the first half of the words listed in this powerpoint.  You can press play and your student can practice writing with marker, fun pens, chalk, dry erase markers, magnadoodles, ipad, boogie board, etc. Click HERE to print flash cards to begin practicing sight word recognition.  You can also print 2 copies of these on thicker paper and play memory!
  • We will  continue to explore nonfiction books and will define them as “books that teach us about something”.
  • We will focus on three reading strategies: “get your mouth ready (say beginning sound),” “use the picture clue,” and “look for chunks”.  Don’t forget, when your student comes home with a printable book, read it to THREE LUCKY LISTENERS. Next week we will be reading “I like”.


We will continue with our Second Step program which is a social emotional learning program that we use to teach skills including listening, getting along with others and recognizing and managing feelings in others and yourself.  Each lesson begins with a picture card that sparks a discussion on a certain kindergarten appropriate topic.  This goes along with our next religion unit which is “God cares how we feel”.  We can talk to God when we are feeling HAPPY or SAD.  These are the two feelings we will explore next week.


We will continue to look for signs of fall!  Time for a leaf hunt!