Kindergarten Newsletter, September 10

Upcoming Events/Mark your Calendars:

  • Monday, September 13: No School
  • Friday, September 17th: St. Cletus Spirit wear day!  Wear your red and white!

Important Information: 

  • Water bottles and extra masks:  Don’t forget to send your student to school with a filled water bottle.  Water only, please.
  • Headphones:  We will be opening up the listening center soon and will have the children each using their own headphones for this and also for iReady (see below).  We have headphones available, however, if you have ones that you can send in, that would be great. Many of the kids already have and prefer ones that fit their smaller heads.  They will be labeled and stored in a bag.  Here is a link to a quality set at a reasonable price: send the headphones in a labeled bag.  If you’re not able to, we will provide a set.
  • Seesaw: Each of you received your child’s code. Please check Seesaw for different activities that will allow you to see what we are working on at school. Please contact your child’s teacher if you’re having troubles logging into Seesaw.
  • House Page: “House pages” were sent home last week!  Please fill the page with pictures, words, etc. that represent YOUR family.  Please note, these will be laminated. Also, please just fill the one side, and it should be the side WITH YOUR CHILD’S name.  This is important for when we turn it into a class book.  This class book will travel around the room to each of your homes.  Please turn this project in by September 17th.

This Week:

We enjoyed making our first church visit this past week! A “church visit” is when we go into church not for Mass, but for some quiet prayer and reflection time.  Our focus is on whatever we are discussing for Religion that week.  This week it was all about families! It felt so good to be back in church with the little ones. We are so grateful! We visited the Holy Family statue and said a prayer for all of YOU, our families!  Ask your child to show you the two Holy Family statues we visited this past week. We also visited Mary and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her on Wednesday (see above picture)!

The kids are LOVING recess time and they play SO well together.  They’re very imaginative, love to explore and most importantly, are so KIND to one another.  Keep it up, kinder-cardinals!

Next Week:

Our apple unit begins next week!  Fall is almost here!  Fall lends itself to so many fun learning opportunities. Our math and literacy centers will be apple themed for the next few weeks.

Language Arts:

  • Word wall words:  Focus words are: WE, WILL, GO, TO, THE, AND, DO, YOU, I; these focus words are all printed and added to large “word walls” in our classrooms.  By the end of the year, we will have over 100 words on our word walls!
  • We will be learning and singing a new pocket chart song about APPLES and will illustrate this song in our poetry journals.
  • Read alouds:  fiction and nonfiction apple books.  What makes a book fiction vs nonfiction?  A nonfiction books TEACHES us about something!
  • Printable books:  We are focusing on left to right reading, naming the title, quickly identifying and reading word wall words and using our first two reading strategies: GET YOUR MOUTH READY (say the beginning sound of an unfamiliar word) and USE THE PICTURE CLUE.
  • Name writing and letter formation: We are focusing on top to bottom letter formation and writing our first names with ONE capital letter, paying attention to the lines.  Letters should rest on the bottom line. If the letter goes past the bottom line (y, g, etc.), we say these letters go “into the basement”.
  • Jolly Phonics: we wrapped up group 2 and will be on to group 3 sounds: G, O, U, L; At home: ask your child to give you the sound and action for groups 1-2; forgot the action ?  Click here: Jolly Phonics note to parents

Math: We will begin our GO MATH workbooks; in addition to our workbooks, our math centers will allow us to practice math skills in more hands on way:

  • Counting by ones: At home/in the car: Count starting at 1 as high as your child can go.
  •  Number formation: using number poems, we will practice correctly forming numbers
  • Tally marks and ten frames: representing numbers using tally marks and ten frames; At home: give your child a number between 1-15 and ask your child to show you that number with tally marks.  You can also print out a ten frame (click link) and use any small manipulative at home (toy animals, m&ms, cheerios, etc.) to show numbers 1-20. TenFrameWorkmatsFREEBIE
  •  1 to1 Counting: Please practice this at home, in the car!  Go back and forth or ask your child to count on his/her own!
  •  Classify objects, Sorting to 5
  •  Finding Shapes in Environment and Describe Positions (above, below, beside, etc)
  •  Identify 2-D Shapes (different orientations/sizes)

Religion: I am special to my friends!  We will review ways that we can be a “good friend”.  We will discuss how just as we feel God’s love through our families, the same goes with our friends! Many of the children have “shown God’s love” by doing something kind for their friends.  When this happens, your child comes home with a sticker.  Be sure to talk to your child about what he/she did to earn that sticker.  Kindness counts in KINDergarten!

Science: It’s time for apples!  We will learn about the life cycle of an apple, we will be weighing, taste testing and more!