Kindergarten Newsletter, September 18

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday, September 22: GIRLS bring in a baptism memento (see religion below)
  • Thursday, September 24: BOYS bring in a baptism memento (see religion below)
  • Thursday, September 24: Virtual Grandparent’s Day
  • Friday, September 25: No school, in-service day
  • Saturday, September 26: Mum delivery day

Looking Ahead:

  • October 1: dress up day for picture day.  No matter what your student wears on top, please make sure he/she wears GYM SHOES.  Gym shoes and and a dress–totally fine!  We will still be playing and the kids will still have (a modified) gym class, of course keeping in mind the nice clothes. 🙂  NO GYM CLOTHES are to be worn on picture day.  Just wear those gym shoes!

Important information:

  • Please be sure to check in to your student’s seesaw account weekly.  Be sure to check the INBOX on the right hand side for additional assignments.  Remember, any Seesaw assignments right now are OPTIONAL/ EXTRA practice of skills that we are practicing in school. We’d like grown-ups and children to get comfortable navigating Seesaw. In your INBOX are the optional “boom card” practice links.  Boom cards are quick, self-checking practice cards.
  • Please consider turning on your seesaw notifications–after signing in, click on the gear button on the top left hand side.  Then go to SETTINGS and CLASS NOTIFICATIONS.
  • Amazon wishlist donations: We are SO grateful for these donations. It has been challenging to hit our standards while keeping things developmentally appropriate with Covid safety rules and restrictions, but these donations have really helped. We have enjoyed thinking outside of the box and will keep doing just that so the children keep learning AND having fun in our covid-safe classrooms!
  • Are you following St. Cletus school on Instagram?  On facebook? On Twitter? Be sure to do so!  And don’t forget our kindergarten facebook page! Please reach out if you are having any difficulties.
  • Are you logged in to directory spot? This is where you can access kindergarten friends names, contact info.  Perhaps an outdoor playdate while it’s still nice out!  Kindergarten is such a wonderful year.  Such sweet friendships are forming in our classrooms!
  • Be sure to check out the PICTURES PAGE!
  • Speech:  If you have concerns about your child’s speech and you have NOT been contacted by your child’s teacher yet, please reach out.  Then we will have you contact D105 who will be holding speech screenings for SC students in October.  Please read this flyer:  Oct. Kindergarten Screening – St. Cletus
  • Milk: If you would like your student to receive chocolate or white milk at lunch and didn’t fill out the form yet, please contact the school office; milk begins October 1.

Support our School:

  • Boxtops: Be sure to dowload the boxtops app.  If you don’t do this, PLEASE send in  your receipts, ATTN: MARGARET NAPLETON (Tommy’s mom from Mrs. Mahr’s class).Are you scanning your boxtops? Click HERE to see list of products with boxtops.
  • AMAZON SMILE?  With every purchase 0.5% will be donated to a charity of your choice.  Please follow the directions below and choose St. Cletus School as the recipient. Do your kindergartener’s grandparents use Amazon?  Be sure they use Amazon Smile as well!
  1. Check that you have the latest version of the Amazon app
  2. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your device.
  3. Login.
  4. Go into the main menu of the Amazon Shopping app and tap into ‘Settings’.
  5. Tap ‘AmazonSmile‘ and follow the on-screen instructions to turn Amazon Smile on.

Next Week:

We will continue “I-READY ASSESSMENTS” next week.  I-ready is the new school-wide program we will be using to assess students in math and language arts in grades K-8.  It gives a complete picture of student performance and growth. i-Ready Diagnostic is an adaptive assessment designed to give us insight into student needs. After the children take the diagnostic for both language arts and math, it creates a differentiated “supplemental curriculum” for each student.  It will help us identify the strengths and areas of growth for each student and as a school, we feel like this will help us identify any learning gaps that resulted from learning at home in the spring. Please note these assessments will take place during Spanish and TLC times.

Language Arts:

  • Jolly Phonics: We will finish group 3 sound (b) and begin group 4 sounds (ai, j, oa).  Please review groups 1, 2, 3 letters, sounds and actions.

What is Jolly Phonics? — Jolly Phonics at Home

  • Sight words: The words that are currently on our word walls are: a, do, did, go, I, no, the, yes, we, will, you, is, see, to;  next week we will spend the week reviewing all these words. No new words will be added. At home: SIGHT WORD PARKING LOT : edit with current word wall words, print and ask your student to “drive” into certain spots using a matchbox car.
  • Name writing: We will continue to practice writing our names correctly with one capital letter and correct formation of all letters. At home: EDIT, PRINT and practice.
  • Michael Heggerty Phonemic Awareness: we are focusing on beginning sounds, hearing rhyming words, expression (.!?) and breaking apart compound words.
  • Printable decodable book: We will read the printable, decodable book: Fall is here and The Fall Basket.  At home:  When your child comes home with one of these printable books, please make sure he/she reads it to three “lucky listeners”–grown-up, sibling, pet, stuffed animal, etc.  Let’s build your beginning reader’s confidence!
  • Journaling: We will continue to practice labeling pictures. We will practice “stretching” and “tapping out words” down our arms or “punching out” beginning or end sounds.   We will not answer the question, “how do you spell -?” and we ask that you don’t at home either.  Instead answer with, “write the sounds you hear!”  Correct spelling will come later.  Right now, we are practicing letter sound relationships and helping the children become CONFIDENT writers. We will journal 2-3 times a week and once we introduce all of the Jolly sounds by the end of October, we will begin DAILY journaling.
  • Punctuation: we will begin to talk about when to use the following “stop signs”: . ! ?
  • We will read books all about FALL next week!
  • Shared writing: We will introduce shared writing.  Each student will be “spotlighted” and have a chance to “share the pen” with the teacher by filling in missing words and letters.  The story he/she will help fill in is below.

My name is ________.

I am __ years old.

I like ______.

I do not like___________.


  • Finding Shapes in Environment and Describe Positions (above, below, beside, etc)
  • Identify 2-D Shapes (different orientations/sizes)
  • Patterning – AB
  • Counting to 20.
  • Number writing practice using the poems.  We have introduced poems for numbers 0-10 and next week we will focus on numbers 6-9 formation poems next week; correct formation means starting the numbers at the top and using the lines.  Click this link to practice number formation at home: number+formation+reference+sheet 7
  • Ten frame work: we are using ten frames to quickly identify numbers 1-10, 1 more and 1 less of each number.  We are working with a single ten frame right now.  Next week, we will introduce the double ten frame to begin talking about those tricky teen numbers. At home: Go to seesaw for assigned (OPTIONAL) ten frame activity or print the following and showing your child a number using small manipulatives:

Terrific Ten Frame | Swoop into Kindergarten

  • Tally marks: we are practicing making “bundles of 5” and “groups of ten”.  At home: Ask your child to show you tally marks for numbers less than 20 or go to Seesaw for assigned (optional) activity.
  • Greater than less than: we will begin to use the following symbols  >. <, = to compare numbers.


We will begin to talk about BAPTISM next week.  Baptism is when we became a part of God’s family.  Here is what we are asking:


The memento can be a candle, socks, bib, invitation, a picture, etc.  Please TALK to your child about his/her baptism.  Show him/her pictures. Discuss who his/her godparents are.  Help your child practice presenting his/her memento.  If your child was not baptized, please bring in a special religious memento.


  • We will begin our unit on APPLES.  We love fall in kindergarten!  Can’t wait to hear about all those apple orchard trips.  We’ve already heard a few!
  • We will discuss and read fiction and non fiction books about the fall.