Kindergarten Newsletter, September 17

Upcoming Events/Mark your calendars:

  • Monday, September 20: Dining 4 Dollars: Nonna’s Good Life Pizza on La Grange Road from 11AM-9PM
  • Tuesday, September 21: Bring in your favorite color apple; we will send an email reminder the day before
  • Thursday, September 23rd: GRAND-friend’s day, Mass at 1:30
  • Friday, September 24: No School, staff development

Important information:

  • Please turn in your house pages!

This Week:

It was a busy week! Next week we will really dive into our apple unit.  This week became so busy with other activities we didn’t get to as much as we anticipated.  That’s ok though, there’s always next week!  We sure are busy in kindergarten!

On Friday, we celebrated being a CARDINAL by attending the St. Cletus Pep rally.  The kids had a blast being loud and cheering for all the Cardinals!

Next Week:

Next week is Grand-friend’s day; please see the flyer in the Wednesday envelope! We hope everyone has a special friend that can join!

On Tuesday, September 21, we are asking children to bring in their favorite color apples! We will send an email reminder the day before. 🙂 We will be doing taste, experiments and will use the rest of the apples to make crockpot applesauce on Wednesday!

Language Arts:

  • Word wall words: Focus words: do, go, we, will, to, the, yes, you, and, I, like, see, a; the kids are doing GREAT with their word wall words; we practice these words in so many different ways, through song, tactile experiences, writing, chanting, highlighting them, etc.  Our word walls will continue to grow!  These words are so important for our beginning readers.
  • Jolly Phonics:  We will wrap up group 3 sounds with: F, B and then we will pause so we can focus on our apple activities! We will learn a new APPLE song that will be added to our poetry and song journals.
  • Read alouds: we will read both fiction and nonfiction apple books.  We will talk about how nonfiction books TEACH us something…this week, they’re teaching us about apples!


  • We will continue to talk about “I am special to my friends”.  We will make a special beaded project for our new 8th grade buddies.  We will meet our new 8th grade friends next week!
  • We will talk about how unkind words hurt our friends’ feelings.  We will look at what appears to be a perfectly good apple and the teachers will say some unkind things like “you’re so small” and “you’re stem is so ugly” and then we will cut the apple open and discover that it is all brown and yucky inside.  Those unkind words hurt that apple on the inside.  When we say unkind things, we hurt our friends’ hearts.

Math: We will finish up chapter 2 in Go Math and focus on “apple math” next week!

  • Apple graphing (which has more?  less? )
  • Apple tally marks
  • Counting by ones: At home/in the car: Count starting at 1 as high as your child can go.
  •  Number formation: using number poems, we will practice correctly forming numbers
  • Tally marks and ten frames: representing numbers using tally marks and ten frames; At home: give your child a number between 1-15 and ask your child to show you that number with tally marks.  You can also print out a ten frame (click link) and use any small manipulative at home (toy animals, m&ms, cheerios, etc.) to show numbers 1-20. TenFrameWorkmatsFREEBIE
  •  1 to1 Counting: Please practice this at home, in the car!  Go back and forth or ask your child to count on his/her own!
  • Classify objects, Sorting to 5
  •  Finding Shapes in Environment and Describe Positions (above, below, beside, etc)
  •  Identify 2-D Shapes (different orientations/sizes)


  • All about apples! We will be weighing and experimenting with apples all week!