Kindergarten Newsletter, September 23rd

Upcoming Events/Mark your Calendars:

  • Tuesday, September 28th: “Popsicles in the Play yard” event, held in the courtyard from 6-7pm.  Be sure you turn in the RSVP slip so they know how many to expect.  Thanks FSA! Enjoy seeing your child’s friends!
  • Tuesday, September 28th: We will attend our first 8am Mass; please get to school by 7:50am each Tuesday.  We will attend Tuesday Mass EVERY week.
  • Wednesday, September 29th: GIRLS, please bring in a baptism memento; see the religion section below.
  • Thursday, September 30th: BOYS, please bring in a baptism memento, please see the religion section below.

Important Information:

We will begin to attend weekly TUESDAY Mass.  Please be sure your child gets to school by 7:50am.  Doors will open 5 minutes early, at 7:45am on Tuesdays.

This Week:

What a fun week we had exploring apples! The first day of fall was the perfect day for crockpot applesauce.  It was so fun smelling it all day long and then finally enjoying it at the end of the day. Fall is such a fun time to be outside and explore.  On Thursday, we found a praying mantis!  The kids loved watching it and then we came back inside and did a little research to learn more about it. Be sure to send your child with a jacket as it starts to feel more like fall.  We always enjoy our outside time!

Next Week:

On Monday, we will wrap up our apple unit with one final apple day!

Language Arts:

  • Word wall words: and, do, go, I, like, no, to, the, we, will, you, yes; we will introduce a, see; Look for these words in books at home and play a little word wall memory!
  • Fall books:  We will be reading fall books, both fiction and nonfiction; we will be starting our fall art projects!
  • Jolly Phonics:  We finished group 3 sounds and are moving on to group 4! Please go through groups 1-3 with your child, asking your child for the SOUND and the ACTION.  It should only take 5 minutes! Here are some digital flashcards to help you:  Jolly Phonics Flash cards (2)

Math: We will wrap up chapter 2 in Go Math and start chapter 3. When you child comes home with chapter 2, please sit down and review it with your student.  This was our first time having to find a page number, think about when to use crayon vs. pencil, keep up with the teacher on the page, etc.

  • Counting to 30 by ones-this is easy to practice at home or in the car!
  •  Writing & Representing to 10
  • 1 to1 Counting a group of objects
  •  Representing 1 more; What’s one more than 8?  One more than 10?
  • Answer “How Many?” up to 10
  •  Identify Shapes (different orientation/sizes)
  • Patterning – AB, ABB, AAB
  • Use tally marks and ten frames to represent different numbers
  • We will be focusing on TEEN numbers and showing them as “one group of ten with _____ many ones left over.”

Religion: Baptism is when we became a part of the church family.  We will be talking all about baptism next week. We are asking the children to bring in a special baptism memento to share with the class.  GIRLS, please bring in your memento on Wednesday, September 29th.  BOYS, please bring in your memento on Thursday, September 30th.  This item could be a candle, shoes, invitation, picture, etc.  If your child was not bapitized, send in any special religious memento. Please talk to your child about who his/her godparents are, how you celebrated this special day, did your child cry, smile, laugh, sleep?


We will be looking for signs of fall all around us! We will be exploring all things fall for the next few weeks!