Kindergarten Newsletter, September 3

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars/important information:

  • Monday, September 6: No School, Labor Day
  • Friday, September 10: Please wear Red, white and blue as we remember the lives lost on September 11th AND 1:30 dismissal, no aftercare.

Water bottles and extra masks:  Don’t forget to send your student to school with a filled water bottle.  Water only, please.  The water fountain spouts are still not turned on (Covid) so the children will be using the water bottle refilling stations. We practiced this earlier in the week. Also, please be sure you continue to send your child with 2-3 extra masks.

Headphones:  We will be opening up the listening center soon and will have the children each using their own headphones for this and also for iReady (see below).  We have headphones available, however, if you have ones that you can send in, that would be great. Many of the kids already have and prefer ones that fit their smaller heads.  They will be labeled and stored in a bag.  Here is a link to a quality set at a reasonable price:

Please send the headphones in a labeled bag.  If you’re not able to, we will provide a set.

iReady: i‑Ready is a comprehensive assessment and instruction program.  It begins with a “diagnostic assessment” and then puts each child on a differentiated learning path.  More importantly though, it gives the teachers very specific WEEKLY data that allows us to know what may need to be retaught or areas we can challenge your student in, etc.  The main goal is to be able to hit each child’s needs!  We will be doing iReady twice a week, once for math and once for reading.

Seesaw: Each of you received your child’s code. Please check Seesaw for different activities that will allow you to see what we are working on at school. Please contact your child’s teacher if you’re having troubles logging into Seesaw.

Arrival: Beginning next week on WEDNESDAY 9/8, we will allow the children to walk into the building straight to our classrooms.  This is so important for our little ones to get started right away with our morning routines.  It really helps with any morning/coming to school sadness.  Mrs. Zontos will be stationed at the front door as usual, Mrs. Firestone and Mrs. Mahr will be at the classroom doors greeting the children.  They will jump right into our morning activities!

House Page: “House pages” went home on Friday.  We are asking you to fill the page with pictures, words, etc. that represent YOUR family.  Please note, these will be laminated. Also, please just fill the one side, and it should be the side WITH YOUR CHILD’S name.  This is important for when we turn it into a class book.  This class book will travel around the room to each of your homes.  Please turn this project in by September 17th.

This Week:

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom had us moving and grooving to the alphabet!

Next Week:

Language Arts:

When your child comes home with a printable reader (this week: AT SCHOOL), please make sure your child reads that book at least three times–to a grown up, a pet, stuffed animal, etc.  We are practicing word wall words, tracking from left to right, and our first two reading strategies: “get your mouth ready (say the beginning sound in and unknown words)” and “use the picture clue”.

Sight words: You received a letter about how important word wall words for your beginning reader.  Many of these words CANNOT be sounded out.  These words need to be memorized. Focus words: we, will, go, to, the, and, no, yes; at home, look for these words in books!  Write your child a note and try to use some of our word wall words. Always have writing utensils and paper available to your child–markers, gel pens, anything that looks fun!  Ask your child to write some of these words for you!

Jolly Phonics: We will wrap up GROUP 2 sounds with : R, M, D; At home: Please ask your child to give you the sound and action for group 1 and 2 letters. We are working on correctly forming these letters using top to bottom formation and paying attention to which line each letter starts at.

Read alouds: We will be exploring books about FAMILIES!  What makes each of our families special?


  • Counting by ones: At home/in the car: Count starting at 1 as high as your child can go.
  •  Number formation: using number poems, we will practice correctly forming numbers
  • Tally marks: representing numbers using tally marks
  •  1 to1 Counting
  •  Classify objects, Sorting to 5
  •  Finding Shapes in Environment and Describe Positions (above, below, beside, etc)
  •  Identify 2-D Shapes (different orientations/sizes)

Religion: I am special to my family! We feel God’s love through our families.  Whether it be a hug, a pat on the back, a special treat–that’s God’s love!  We will discuss special things we do with our families and ways that our families help us and we help them! Jesus also had a family.  His family was so special, we call them the HOLY FAMILY.  We will look for a statue of the  Holy Family around the school building. Ask your student to sing our I am Special Song.  Hint: “I am special, I am special, if you look, you will see…”