Kindergarten Newsletter, September 6

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

We hope to see you at Fall Fest this weekend!  The kids are excited and so are we.  Thank you in advance for coming out and having some fun while supporting this very important fundraiser for our school!

  • Monday, September 9: No School
  • Wednesday, September 11: Hot Lunch, Noodles and Company & regular pick-up resumes for half dayers and oldest and only church side pick-up
  • Thursday, September 12: New Family Pizza Night in Fr. Gallagher Room (Parish Center), 5-6:30:  join us for dinner and meet other new cardinal families!
  • Friday, September 13: Hot Lunch, Meatheads & please bring in your child’s favorite fruit.  See the religion section below.

What’s Due and Other Important Information:

  • Goals: view our Kindergarten goals for the year.
  • White envelopes: If your child is the “oldest or only” child at St. Cletus School, he/she will come home with a big white envelope containing important school information.  Please remove everything and return the empty envelope the next day!
  • Milk: You can till order by sending Mrs. Scalzitti, our secretary in the office an email at; let her know your choice of white or chocolate.  It is $14 for the school year. We prefer no screw top drinks, even if your child has this mastered at home, in the classroom setting, we tend to see a lot of spills from these drinks.  Thank you.
  • Kindergarten Daisies: Please reach out to Virginia Noga, if interested in leading Daisies.  A lot of guidance is given.  This is always something the girls look forward to in kindergarten, please consider! A note was sent home this week.
  • Birthdays: Please e-mail me , if you’d like to send in a treat for your child’s birthday (the week before).  We love to celebrate birthdays!
  • Napkins: Please include a napkin in your child’s lunch.
  • Social Media: Don’t forget to follow St. Cletus School on Instagram and Facebook.  Kindergartners often pop up on those pages!
  • Cabin page; click HERE for example. Please fill the page with words and pictures that show off your family.  Turn in when complete!
  • Hot lunch ordering:Please make sure your child will eat what you order so we don’t end up with wasted food and hungry children!  We are “lunch B” when placing your order.
  • Lunch Duty:We welcome any volunteers to help us at lunch time! ; Lunch for kindergarten is in our classroom.  It takes place from 11:30-12.  In kindergarten, we just need lunch coverage, you may leave at recess time.  In order to do any volunteering, please remember you must have the following completed:

1.  Online criminal background check (

2. Complete the CANTS form (available in the office)

3.  Complete the Code of Conduct (available in the office)

4. Attend a “Protecting God’s Children’s” class (sign up at

This Week:

A short but productive and fun week in kindergarten!  We introduced class jobs this week and continued to go over our kindergarten rules, procedures and expectations.

Next Week:


  • High frequency/word wall words: Our current word wall words are: go, no, yes, the; At home: look for these words in books when you read! Next week, we will practice writing and creating these words in salt trays, with whiteboards and magnetic letters.
  • Jolly Phonics: We will move on to Group 2 letters and sounds: c, k, e, h, r, m, d; At home: please review group 1 sounds and actions.
  • Name writing: we will practice writing first names using ONE capital letter and the rest lowercase.  We will learn about the “top solid line” the “middle dashed line” and the “bottom solid line”.


  • Patterning and sorting
  • Graphing
  • Counting by 1s to 20.
  • Writing numbers to 5.
  • Identifying 2D shapes
  • We will graph our favorite fruits from the friendship fruit salad.


  • “I am special to my friends”;  For Friday, September 13, please have your child bring in his/her favorite fruit, washed, cut and ready to serve.  It should NOT be enough for the whole class, just a small portion.  We will take everyone’s favorite fruits and mix them together in one big bowl to make a friendship fruit salad. I will send a reminder email on Thursday.
  • Throughout the year, we have different “kindness projects” that we take part in as a class.  This is a we encourage our children to share kindness as their less egocentric minds are now more capable of being aware of the needs of others.  We’re learning to open up our eyes and look for those chances to be respectful, responsible and compassionate, our cardinal values. When your child is caught doing something kind, they’re given a sticker that says, “I let my light shine, ask me how!”  Jesus is the light of the world and He asks us to be the light too.  When we are respectful, responsible and compassionate, we are letting our lights shine!  Be sure to talk to your child about what he/she did to let his/her light shine.