Welcome to the Kindergarten Newsletter Page

This is where our newsletter will be posted each week!  I will give a brief recap of what we did, tell you what’s to come and remind you of any important dates. I’ll keep it short this week! 🙂

What’s Due:

  • Turn in acknowledgement for from the Arch.
  • Turn in the student information form to me.
  • Supplemental supplies

This Week:

Happy Friday!  We tried out centers, free choice and had our first lunch and recess time!  Hip, hip hooray! Be sure to check out the pictures to see us in action.  I’ll try to post plenty of pictures so you can feel comfortable that your child is having fun, learning but also following Covid safety rules.

Next Week:

Beginning on Monday, after the kids get their temp checks and sanitizer, they will enter the classroom and jump right into their morning routine.  You can talk to your child about what that routine is: Backpack on chair, open up folder and check for important papers.  Then, backpack on the chair, take out dry erase sleeve and marker and begin morning work practice. When name is called, sign in at the smartboard.

  • Thank you for making it clear to your child what his/her snack is.  Labeling it, putting it in a separate pocket or just telling your child–perfect!  Otherwise, they tend to go right for the chips and cookies! 🙂
  • Water bottles have been perfect, thank you.  Keep sending!
  • If you a small individual sanitizer, you CAN send that with your student for his/her desk.  We have PLENTY here, but when I am doing squirts of sanitizer, I do say they can use their own if they’d like.
  • Thank you for remembering the masks.  The kids are GREAT with them.
  • Don’t forget temp checks before school too!

Any other questions arise, please ask!  Most likely someone else is wondering the same thing and I’d like to address those kinds of questions in my newsletter.  Lots of new things for all of us!

Click the link below to see this week’s pictures:

Kindergarten Pictures-August

Click the link below to view our year long kindergarten goals: