Kindergarten Newsletter January 24, 2020

** Please join us at our Open House this Sunday, January 26th with mass at 9:30 followed by the Open House. There is so much to see here in our classroom! Your child is so excited to show you all the great things we do in Kindergarten!

The children were so happy to hear about the arrival of baby Alex this week! They all made beautiful cards for Mrs. Mahr to welcome baby Alex and to wish Mrs. Marh well.

Upcoming Classroom events, please watch for important notes/emails:

Next Week:

Language Arts:

Daily journaling and interactive writing: the kids are doing a great job during our writing block time! Half of the children journal while the other half practice writing sentences on whiteboards.  During journal time, we are looking for 2+ sentences, detailed drawings, finger spaces in between words, correct spelling of word wall words and INDEPENDENT (this is hard!) stretching of unfamiliar words.  At home, don’t forget to say, “write the sounds you hear” when helping your child spell words.  If “snow” is spelled “sno”–that is great!  Correct spelling will come later, let’s build CONFIDENT writers first! At home: ask your child what he/she wrote about in his/her journal each day!

  • Guided reading with fluency journals: the children will practice reading fluency passages at their reading level.  During reading group, we will practice sounding out consonant vowel consonant words and nonsense words. At home, practice sounding out consonant/vowel/consonant words like bug, rat, mat, etc. and have your child write those words down.
  • Sight words: This week we added the word “because” to our word wall.  This is a challenging word but the children learned a fun song to help them remember how to spell it! We will practice sight words please refer to the December/January word wall. How do we practice?  We write the words on salt trays, on whiteboards with magnetic letters, we sing and look for these words in books, our morning message and pocket chart poem/song. At home: be sure to look for these words in books!
  • Read aloud: Snowmen at Work and discussed all of the fun things we can do in the snow. Your children are looking forward to more snow this weekend!


  • We talked about feelings and how some of us have the same feelings about doing something but some of us feel differently. Our face can show how we feel when we are doing something. Look at your friends face to see if they are happy or scared about something! Our kindergarten bulletin board  shows how we are making our classroom a better place every day. Each time a child is caught doing something kind, he/she puts a heart sticker on his/her mitten.  We feel God’s love through our friends! We are so excited to share that each of us has a heart or hearts on their mitten!
  • We added the new pocket chart song about our Catholic School to our Poetry Journal…ask your child to sing it to you.  It starts off like this: “we go to a Catholic School; We go to St. Cletus;  Yes we do! Yes we do!”


  • Continue to practice counting to 60 by ones.
  • Continue to practice counting to 100 by 5s and 10s to 100. Practice this at home!
  • We will begin to learn how to count by 2s to 20. Practice this at home!
  • Count forward from a given number (except 1)
  • Addition and subtraction: We will represent Addition up to 10 with fingers, drawings, sounds. We will represent Subtraction up to 5 with fingers, drawings,  sounds.  Our goal is to to be able to fluently add and subtract within numbers 5 and under (so 4+2, 3+2, 4+1, etc. will become automatic).  To practice this, we do a lot of small group center time work with manipulatives including dice, dominoes.
  • We will compose and decompose numbers 11-19 by drawing.