Kindergarten Newsletter, September 13

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, September 16: Hot Lunch, Pizza
  • Wednesday, September 18: Hot lunch, PF Chang’s; Girls bring in baptism memento, see religion section below.
  • Thursday, September 19: Early Childhood Ice Cream Social, please refer to the flyer in the Wednesday envelope and be sure to turn in your RSVP; hope to see you there for some family fun!  Come meet other little cardinals! Boys, bring in baptism memento, see religion section below.
  • Friday, September 20: Homecoming Pep Rally, 2:00

This Week:

  • We had a tornado drill and a lockdown drill this week.  The kids did such a great job!  We’ve discussed situations where we need to stay inside the building and situations where we need to get out of the building (fire drill).  They asked good questions and followed all teacher directions well. Great job, kindergarten!
  • We went to Mass for the first time with our 8th grade buddies.  Both classes, kindergarten and 8th grade did a great job! The 8th graders are responsible for holding the book, encouraging song and prayer, helping with the kneeler and giving reminders about church behavior.  It was a great first Mass for the kindergartners!
  • We enjoyed friendship fruit salad on Friday.  We graphed our favorites.  Ask your child which had the MOST.  The least? Click HERE to see pictures!

Next Week:

Language Arts:

  • Jolly Phonics: we will continue group 2 next week with h, r, m. At home: Please review GROUP 1 letters and sounds at home: S, A, T, I , P, N
  • Word Wall/high frequency words:  Our current word wall words are yes, no, go, I, the.  I will send a note home next week about our word wall. At home: Please look for these words in books when reading and practice writing at home.
  • Name writing: we are working on using one capital letter and the rest lowercase.  We are learning to use the “top line,” “bottom line” and “middle dashed line” to help us print neat letters.


We became a party of God’s family on our Baptism day.  Next week we will be talking all about baptism.  Here’s what your child needs to bring in next week:

  • Girls:  On Wednesday, please bring in a baptism memento. This might be a picture, invitation, candle, shoes, etc.
  • Boys: On Thursday, please bring in a baptism memento.  This might be a picture, invitation, candles, shoes, etc.

If your child was not baptized, please have your child bring in a special religious memento to share!

Also, please talk to your child about his/her baptism.  Did you have a celebration afterwards?  Did your child cry, sleep, smile, etc. when the holy water was poured? What did your child wear?  Who are your child’s godparents?  These are questions we will be discussing.


  • Patterning and sorting
  • Graphing
  • Counting by 1s to 20.
  • Showing numbers using the ten frame. “Show me 2 (below)”  “Now what would you need to do show me 10?”  “how much do you need to take away to show me 9?”


  • Writing numbers to 9. Practicing “Top to bottom” formation and using our number poems to make numbers correctly.  Click HERE for a blank copy of the number poems. Ask your child to show you these numbers at home!
  • Identifying 2D shapes