Literature News – 11/22/19

6th Grade: We finished our unit on The Egypt Game and other Egyptian stories and myths. Their final project brochures with research and connections to our reading turned out great. We just started our reading on the people of the Ancient Maya and will talk about how informational texts are presented in a different way from the fictional texts we read.

7th Grade: We have finished reading The Giver and will finish up the movie next week. When we return from Thanksgiving break the students will write their final paper on the book. The paper will be an analysis of how the community when from a utopia to a dystopia through the eyes of the main character Jonas. They will have time to work on their paper in class.

December 5 – The Giver final paper due at 8:00 am in Google Classroom

December 20 – Last day to turn in copy of And Then There Were None to Ms. Shupe

8th Grade: We are finishing up watching the 2013 performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. We will now begin our study of O. Henry’s short stories and the irony and twist endings in those stories.

December 16 – O. Henry Short Story Test

December 20 – Last day to turn in copy of Animal Farm to Ms. Shupe