Literature Update

6th Grade: They worked in their Notice and Note groups to find examples of the signpost they were assigned. We are already halfway through Roll of Thunder! The suspense is going to be going up a couple of notches next week!


Dates to know:


February 20-25: Work on final project in class

February 28: Final project is due


7th Grade: They presented their mock trials on their assigned paper character. Judging from the reports I got, they were pretty entertaining! We will begin watching the movie and discussing the differences and similarities between the book and movie. I sent home a permission slip today that is due back to me on Monday. Sorry for the quick turnaround. At the end of next week we will begin discussing our next book Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl where the students will participate in a Socratic Seminar


8th Grade: Their propaganda posters came out so well! They have been working on their final paper all week. They will continue working on it in class next week as well.


Dates to know:


February 10-February 21: Work on Animal Farm paper in class

February 27: Animal Farm paper due (a copy must be printed and handed into me as well)