7th grade accelerated Pre-Algebra

Hello and my apologies for not posting information in quite a while. I had trouble logging in as me! Anyway we are on track for lots of 8th grade curriculum in this last trimester. We have covered all the 7th grade common core standards except probability which is next! This coming week with Aspire tests and no homework we will continue to complete volume problems in module 22. We will cover volume of cones and spheres next week in class then we will be taking a test on Module 22 and all those volumes on Tuesday, April 9th. During the testing week we will cover lessons #59-60 in simple solutions and take a quiz on that on Monday, April 8th. After those tests at the beginning of next week we will spend the rest of the week doing the first of two modules on probability. (modules 12 & 13) The rest of the year we will explore some 8th grade common core standards like irrational numbers, scientific notation and some geometry so they won’t have any gaps between 7th and the 9th grade Algebra they will take next year.

Pat Rotuuno