8th regular Algebra

So sorry I haven’t been posting here, but I had trouble logging in as me! Anyway I am very proud of the accomplishments of this group this year so far. We still have lots to do but we are on target for completing all the 8th grade common core standards  with the exception of a couple they will repeat next year. Good for us!! So this coming week is Aspire testing therefore we miss one class and with no homework assigned we need to make tracks in class. We will continue working on volume of spheres this Monday and Tuesday. We will review the module on volume of cylinders, cones and spheres, If time permits we will talk about some transformations on the coordinate plane and how a slide, flip or turn affect a figure.  On Monday, April 8th we will have a test on Module 13 (volume). The rest of that week we will move to more transformations and examine the results of moving a figure on the coordinate plane. (Module 9)

Pat Rotunno