9/13/19 – Junior High Literature

6th Grade: We are in the middle of our first novel study on Journey to the Center of the Earth. It’s getting exciting! Coming up, the students will write their first paper – a persuasive essay.

Dates to know:

Monday, September 30 – Persuasive Essay will be due.

7th Grade: We just finished our first paper – a compare and contrast of the the same Greek myth from different perspectives. We will be wrapping up our Short Stories for Around the World Unit in the coming weeks.

Dates to know:

Monday, September 23 – Short Story Test

8th Grade: After a very quick start of five papers, the 8th graders will be moving on to a Gothic and Horror Unit. They read short stories and poems from Edgar Allen Poe, Washington Irving, and others.

Dates to know:

Monday, September 16 – The Friday Everything Changed paper due

Thursday, September 20 – The Lottery paper due

General Junior High Dates to know:

Tuesday, September 17 – 8 am Mass

Wednesday, September 18 – Homecoming Permission Slips and money turned in

Friday, September 20 – Homecoming Pep Rally at 2; Homecoming Dance 7-9

Wednesday, September 24 – 8 am Mass

Friday, September 27 – Grandfriends Mass at 1:30pm

Tuesday, October 2 – 8 am Mass

Wednesday, October 3 – Picture Day