What’s New in Language Arts? 11/8

6th Grade: 


This week, sixth grade completed their semantic maps, planning out what topics they will write about in their consumer fair research paper. This upcoming week, we will continue to expand our knowledge on the elements of an effective introduction paragraph and the proper structure for a body paragraph. In particular, we will focus on writing thesis statements, providing and explaining supporting evidence, and organizing our writing using topic sentences. We will also review and test on unit 5 vocabulary. 


Upcoming due dates:

11/13–Students’ introductions 

11/15–Vocab Test Unit 5 


7th Grade: 


This week, students presented their historically inspired diary entries and letters written from the perspective of Mayflower pilgrims. These letters and diaries will be submitted to the DAR’s contest in honor of the upcoming 400th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower in Plymouth. Next week, students will conclude this project by writing a detailed reflection explaining some of their creative choices. As we write our reflections, we will also review how to properly cite sources, how to focus writing using topic sentences, and how to support ideas by providing relevant evidence. Starting this week we will begin devoting Friday’s to history finding credible secondary and primary sources for students’ history fair projects. 


Upcoming Due Dates: 


11/12–Reflection and writing project folder due 


8th Grade: 


The week, eighth grade completed their rough drafts for their Edgar Allen Poe inspired stories. Next week, we will participate in peer reviews and revisions before publishing our final drafts. Students have also recently completed semantic maps, planning out the literature review for their science fair projects. On “Science Fair Friday” we will discuss writing an effective introduction to a research paper, which will include a hook, necessary context or background information, and the student’s thesis. On Friday, students will also take their unit 5 vocabulary test. 


Upcoming Due Dates:

11/11–Horror Story Rough Draft 

11/12–Peer Review 

11/15–Unit 5 Vocab Test