2/4/19 – Junior High Literature

6th Grade – We just started our brand new novel! We are reading Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry. Every Friday the students will have a quiz on the chapters we read that week. The students have been informed about these quizzes and they are able to use their novels on the quizzes. We will have a final project at the end of the novel. We will also be talking about how this novel works into our overarching theme of courage in the face of adversity that we have been discussing since winter break.

7th Grade – We are wrapping up And Then There Were None. The students have a final character analysis due on February 20th. We will also be conducting a Mock Trial with all the characters in the novel. Finally, we will watch the movie and discuss the similarities and differences in the adaptation.

8th Grade – We are finishing Animal Farm. The students are currently creating propaganda posters to go with the novel. They will begin working on their final paper this week. The paper will be due on February 28.

Important Dates:

6th grade:

2/8 – Quiz ch. 1-4

2/15 – Quiz ch. 5-7

7th grade:

2/20 – Final paper due

8th grade:

2/6 – Propaganda poster due

2/28 – Final paper due

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