August 30 Literature Newsletter

It’s been a wonderful start to a new school year!

6th Grade: Our sixth graders have already begun their first novel! They are currently reading Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne. We are using Notice and Note Signposts in class, with the students delving deeper into those signposts for homework. Students are encouraged to hold up one of the signposts when they see something that fits into it class. We then pause and discuss that signpost and how it adds to the story. The signposts we use are: Contrast and Contradictions, Aha Moments, Memory Moments, Tough Questions, Memory Moments, and Words of the Wiser. We will continue reading our novel through September with a culmination of writing a persuasive essay.

7th Grade: We are working through our poetry unit and are completing it next week. The seventh graders have been learning how to analyze poetry both as a large group and individually. Next week, they will end this unit by writing original poetry and analyzing these original poems! We will then begin a short story unit and read short stories from around the world.

8th Grade: The eighth graders have jumped right back into writing! They are reading short stories, annotating them, and writing a five paragraph essay. They will be doing this for the next couple of weeks before we transition into our next short story unit.

Dates to be aware of:

September 2 – No School

September 3 – 8 AM Mass for all Junior High

September 4 – Fall Fest begins!

September 5 – 1 Pm Dismissal for Fall Fest

September 9 – No School

September 10 – 8 AM Mass for all Junior High

September 11 – 9:30 AM all school Mass hosted by 6th grade