Mr. Nowakowski 11/02-11/06

I struggled internally last weekend as Big Ten football returned. Watching those games on Saturdays in the fall is one of my favorite autumnal customs. Since I was a kid with my University of Michigan Starter jacket (remember those, moms & dads?!), I’ve been enamored with the decades old rivalries, the pageantry of the marching bands and mascots, the gameday traditions, and all of the drama that unfolds from the end of the August all the way until the sun sets over Pasadena on New Year’s Day. As much as I enjoyed the little bit of escapism, it was hard to ignore the health and safety issues that are very much present on those college campuses. Each game that is scheduled is far from a certainty at this point, but we see programs preparing to play and working hard to stay safe and healthy. As I think back to my old jacket, I’m reminded of the two mantras of Michigan football. “Those who stay will be champions.” and “The Team. The Team. The Team.” Regardless of your allegiance or your level of interest for that matter, these mantras emphasize the importance of commitment to one another and giving one’s best effort. I feel like this applies to our current learning situation quite well. While this may not be easy for students, parents, and teachers, it’s imperative for us to try as hard as we can together in order to make the learning process worthwhile, and perhaps more importantly, to keep each other safe.

We’re all looking forward to our Haunted Car Yard event tomorrow, and we’re grateful for the parents who are making this possible. It’s of great importance to still make Halloween and the upcoming holiday season special for our children, even though they may not be what we are all used to. In honor of Halloween, the eighth graders have spent time this week working on compare and contrast essays about their favorite candy and their least favorite candy. Seventh graders have completed a vocabulary unit this week, and as we look ahead, they will be completing a research/Google Slide presentation on Medal of Honor recipients in honor of Veterans’ Day, which is coming up soon. Next week, our Church recognizes Vocation Awareness week. In Religion class, we’ll be spending time thinking about and discussing what God is calling us to do.

Please have a safe and enjoyable Halloween weekend. As we also celebrate All Saints and All Souls Day, let’s keep all of those who have gone before us in our prayers.