Mr. Nowakowski – Thanksgiving Week

Pope St. John Paul II once said, “Remember the past with gratitude.  Live the present with enthusiasm.  Look forward to the future with confidence.”  As we take time this Thanksgiving to reflect upon what we are thankful for, it might be a little more challenging than usual to heed these words of John Paul II.  However, it is a message of hope and a reminder that there so much to give thanks to God for in our lives.

One thing to give thanks for is how we in seventh and eighth grade have had the opportunity to hold in-person learning for at least one-third of the school year.  There have been some hardships involved over the past few weeks, but it has been an accomplishment nonetheless.  For me personally, I am thankful for the leadership of Fr. Bob, Mr. Porod, and Mrs. Schaefer.  They have done an incredible job of handling all matters related to keeping a school open during a pandemic.  In addition to that, I am thankful for those of you families who have followed the public health measures outside of school with the intention of keeping us safe and making in-person learning feasible.  I ask that you continue to do so, especially as the allure of gathering with family and friends over Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season presents itself.

I look forward to our virtual parent teacher conferences next week.  For those of you who did not sign up for a conference with me, feel free to contact me through e-mail if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress.  Overall, grades have been pretty good.   Please make sure that if your child is remote learning, that he or she joins Google Meets when invited and is checking Google Classroom regularly throughout the day.  Many of our remote learners our doing a fantastic job of doing that so far.

From my family to yours, have a very blessed Thanksgiving.  Stay safe and well.