Middle School Religion Catholic Schools Week

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

Due to the number of activities and schedules that we have next week, no tests, quizzes, or projects will be due next week.  The only exception will be for the 6th Grade Saint Assignment that will be on Tuesday 1/28.  It was scheduled to be on Friday 1/24, but Consumer Fair will be taking place during Religion time. Please refer to the school wide e-mail for the list of activities.

All grade levels have spent parts of this week praying the 9 Days for Life Novena.  They have been presented with Respect Life content, and we have spent time talking about the controversial topic of abortion.  Please consider having conversations regarding this sensitive issue with your children.  They may have questions regarding what we have talked about.  All content was presented with each individual grade’s  maturity level in mind.  I hope students have found this learning experience to be meaningful as we emphasized the increasing need in our society to respect the value and dignity of all people, in addition to an understanding of God’s infinite love and mercy.


“I am willing to fight for those who cannot defend themselves.”

– Wonder Woman