01/13/2020-01/24/2020 Science Newsletter

I hope you are staying warm and enjoying the extended weekend in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

01/20: No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

01/21: G Day, Athletic Association Meeting

01/22: A Day, Hot Lunch – P.F. Chang’s, Dining4Dollars at Lou Malnati’s, 7th Grade QUEST U1L5

01/23: B Day, SCIENCE FAIR!

01/24: C Day, Hot Lunch – Boston Market, CONSUMER FAIR! HISTORY FAIR! INVENTION FAIR!

6th Grade

This past week we finished up preparing for Consumer Fair, which will be held this Friday, January 24th. The boards look wonderful and I am SO proud of our 6th grade students and all the hard work they’ve put into their projects. Parents may come to view the projects on Friday, January 24th from 1:30p to 2:30p. After the project viewing, students will pack up their boards, finish up the school day, and depart at the usual pick up time of 3p. Additionally, this week we used our ‘Mountain Building’ lesson (U4L3) as a jumping off point for the creation of model faults. The students were given a 2-D model and asked to transform the model into a 3-D model that demonstrated either a normal fault or a reverse fault. The collaboration they showed was wonderful as they worked through the process. We analyzed the hanging walls and footwalls through the lens of miner history. Ask your student how to tell the difference between the two based on the needs of miners!

7th Grade

This past week we focused on U1L5 ‘The Levels of Classification.’ Students were provided with seven different types of leaves and asked to create a classification system for those particular leaves. They utilized model dichotomous key diagrams to create novel diagrams that fit with their particular leaves. Additionally, students were given choice on an assignment to synthesize the knowledge gained from U1L5. Many chose to create materials using Canva, while a handful of others chose to create mini-lessons if they were to teach a segment of our class about the lesson. We will be playing Jeopardy Review on Tuesday and their next QUEST will be on Wednesday, January 22nd.

8th Grade

Presentations, presentations, presentations! We are in full swing preparing for our Science Fair Judging! This past week, small presentations groups have been working together to improve and strengthen their presentation skills, while also providing constructive feedback to the other students in their groups. The feedback has led to some fine tuning in preparation for SCIENCE FAIR on Thursday, January 23rd. We will continue to iterate presentations until the fair as the presentation of projects they have worked on all year is a seminal experience for St. Cletus 8th graders. I have to tell you that these projects are pretty amazing. Sometimes I really feel like I’m not teaching 8th graders…

In peace, blessing, and looking forward to new challenges this week!

Ms. Berk