10/1-10/5 Science Newsletter

6th-8th Student Newsletter

What’s Coming Up

10/1 – Hot Lunch (Beef Sandwich)

10/3 – Hot Lunch (Pasta)

10/4 – ALL RED dress down day, bring in a red canned food item, Assembly!!

10/5 8th Grade Springfield Field Trip

6th Grade

Students will be creating and testing models of landfills this week! They will have to prevent leachate (ask them what this means! they should know!) from leaking out into a surrounding ‘town.’ There will be Project Engineers, Design Engineers, Construction Engineers, and a Budget Office.

7th Grade

Students will complete a task (ask them about the task!) by themselves and then with a group to model whether or not specialization of cells is beneficial and helps optimize processes. Students will additionally be researching a particular disease that affects a certain organ as we are learning the differences between cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.

8th Grade

Students will be creating their own cooler based on insulation properties of particular construction materials. The goal is to keep an ice cube from melting over a single class period. Students will also come up with a procedure to separate a heterogeneous mixture!

In peace,

Ms. Berk